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YETI GoBox Hits the Rodeo Road This Summer

The summer rodeo season is here and that means plenty of time spent going down the road! Cowboys and cowgirls are always looking for ways to make their treks from rodeo to rodeo just a little bit easier and fortunately enough, our friends at YETI have just the thing to make hitting the rodeo road that much easier. Let’s take a look at the YETI GoBox!

When it comes to preparing to hit the road, you always want to make sure that you have everything you could possibly need because you never know what and where you might need it. There are several uses for the YETI GoBox, some of the YETI ambassadors have used them for everything from tools and parts to horse and cattle care storage.

“I use my YETI Gobox 30 to literally carry everything. From small tools, spare archery equipment, refuel meals, bottled water, and a jet boil. It is hands down the most rugged and versatile outdoor storage there is.”

– Cooper Davis | YETI Ambassador | PBR World Champion Bull Rider

Using the YETI GoBox on the Road

One of the great things about the YETI GoBox is that it comes in three sizes, and they are all made to withstand the extreme conditions that we have come to expect from YETI products. The smallest of the GoBoxes is small enough to fit behind a seat of a truck or in a trailer and has a removable caddy that makes this box useful for smaller items such as first aid or smaller gear you need to keep safely organized. All of the boxes are dust-proof, water-proof, and of course, ultra-durable making them perfect for long road trips, work on the ranch, or anything in between.

“I use the GoBox 30 for all of my on-the-road needs. I have all of my tire supplies, gauges, and tools in that one.”

– Jordan Hollabaugh | YETI Ambassador | Professional Breakaway Roper

YETI GoBox For Animal Care

If you are traveling with animals, like most cowboys and cowgirls going down the rodeo road, then chances are you know how important it is to have a vet bag or tote with you at all times. When you’re traveling with animals, there are a lot of unknowns like weather, temperature, and sometimes geography and you want to be prepared to handle everything. The YETI GoBox makes organizing and storing all of your animal care needs a breeze. The two larger YETI GoBoxes (the 30 and 60) both feature pack attics for lid storage, removable storage, and dividers. All of these features together make the GoBoxes the ultimate animal care container. No more fumbling for medicines when you can organize and safely pack everything away. What’s even better is that when you get back from where you are going, the GoBoxes are easily storable and stackable, so you just need to move them from your truck to your barn and you are good to go!

โ€œI like the Gobox 30 for my horse trailer! It fits perfectly in the mangers and I keep all of my horse meds in it. There is room for the medicine bottles, syringes, needles, etc. It is perfect for my rodeo rig!โ€

– Tyler Pearson | YETI Ambassador | World Champion Steer Wrestler

Back at the Ranch

While the YETI GoBox is perfect to have with you on the road, it’s also great to have waiting for you when you get back to the ranch. The uses are truly endless when it comes to these ultimate storage boxes. In addition to using them on the road or for animal care, they are great for fishing, camping, hunting, or just storing items that you want to keep out of the elements. No more sun-rotten totes, or mismatched lids, the YETI GoBoxes should be your new go-to storage container.

โ€œI use the Gobox 60 for all my cattle medicine. I have thousands of dollars worth of meds in there and there is no safer place to keep it while going from pasture to pasture working different sets of cows and calves. The Gobox 60 is one of our most important tools here on our ranch!โ€

– Tyler Pearson | YETI Ambassador | World Champion Steer Wrestler

At the end of the day, you need equipment that is going to work for you and be reliable even in the most extreme conditions. There is no competition when it comes to the best in the market and that is YETI. You can shop all GoBoxes on YETI’s website or check for a local dealer near you.

All photos supplied by YETI.

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