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Investing in a Thrill of a Lifetime: Turning Bucking Bull Prospects into Athletes

Finding the next generation of bulls to become legends in the sport of bull riding.

Technology. Artificial Intelligence. Computers. Social Media.

Life is changing for all of us. We’re all on a ride that is taking us further and further into the sanitary world of cyberspace. I truly believe that with these changes, brings to us, urges to go back. Back to basic fundamentals of a life well-lived.

Technology. Artificial Intelligence. Computers. Social Media.

Family Values. Tradition. Grit. Determination. Hard Work. Excitement. Thrills. Hard Knocks.

I believe that sometimes, we all feel like we’re at the mercy of whatever happens, and we simply must deal with the cards dealt to us. Believe me – we’re all in the same boat. And when we hear stories of people who are winning the Game we call Life – When we hear of people who are making connections with core values and what makes life exciting – it’s rejuvenating. Healing. Inspiring. And really, that’s one way we can all benefit from modern innovations. That’s what the Cowboy Lifestyle Network is all about – spreading positive news about real people in our industry.

Cord McCoy (McCoy Ranch), of Tupelo, Oklahoma; and John Cadzow (WSM Auctioneers), of Phoenix, AZ are two such people. And it was common core values, as well as the American sport of Bull Riding, that brought them together.

Cord McCoy, family man/former professional bull rider turned futurity bull contractor – and John Cadzow, family man/second generation Western Sales Management Auctioneer – met through their common devotion to the tradition and cultural phenomena of Professional Bull Riding.

There are two players in the game of Bull Riding: The Rider, and the Bull. Cord and John share a love and respect for the muscle-bound players/athletes who were born to buck. The kings of the Dirt Arena: The Bulls.

Some bucking bulls are trained, some discovered, and others develop skills through a network of amateur bull riding jackpots and/or events held all across America at any given day or night. Developing bucking bull prospects into athletes has become somewhat of a science these days. The advent of the ABBI (American Bucking Bull, Inc) has created an avenue for talented bulls and trainers to take their God-given talents to a new and exciting level.

When Cord McCoy made his journey through high school, to college, and then professional rodeo, he met many challenges that included both injury and triumph. Late in his riding career, Cord decided to dabble in raising a few bucking bulls. He’d take a few bulls to an event and enter them in a concurring futurity, while he tried his hand on the riding side.

He told me during a phone interview,

“I was at a Classic Event in Decatur, Texas a few years back. I had taken a stomping in the bull riding, and was dragging my rigging bag back to my truck feeling sore all over and broke. I hadn’t won a dime. Someone yelled from behind me – ‘hey, aren’t you going to get your money before you leave?’  Turns out, my futurity bull had won $4,500, and I thought to myself, ‘ why in the world am I busting my butt riding when I could be using my talents and experience to raise good bucking bulls’?”

So that’s exactly what Cord did – he started to utilize his eye to find the perfect prospects for either further training and development; or to breed and raise his own. In fact, he said that he’s won more on his futurity bulls in one year than he ever did as a bull rider in one year.

When John Cadzow made his journey from working with his father in the western auctioneering business to becoming involved with PBR bull riding events, his wife Shelly and Cord’s wife Sara, became fast friends. John could see commonalities between their families. A shared love of tradition, hard work, and determination; as well as respect for those Kings of the Arena – the Bucking Bulls.

Cord had a few bulls that were available for a 50/50 partnership. John is certainly savvy on the ins and outs of bucking bull development – such as the fact that not all bulls make it to the top – and with Cord’s advice, he made a strategic investment in a few of Cord’s bulls who were showing promise.

What really attracted John to Cord, was Cord’s down-home, traditional way of doing business on a handshake. In addition, Cord has some bulls that are competing on a professional level. Cord is not too proud to invest outside of his breeding program. But with the same token, he has enjoyed success raising his own talent.

Now, the two men are excited to embark on their journey with their bulls into the 2019 ABBI season. CLN urges our followers to keep an eye on #613 Uno. He’s one of the 50/50 partnership bulls between Cord and John.

Uno will be competing in the 2019 “Classic” Division; with the end goal for Uno to compete in the ABBI Classic Finals, taking place during the first round of the PBR World Finals in Vegas November 6-10, 2019. Uno is particularly interesting, because the bull has made the ABBI climb from the year-old Pre-Futurities, to the two-year-old Futurities, then on to three-year-old Derbies, and now as a four-year-old, ABBI Classic Competitions. He’s proven himself through the test of time and stamina.

Follow Cord’s bulls and the 2019 season, via the McCoy Ranch Facebook page. Their annual online auction, in which bulls will be available for 50/50 partnerships, will be held November 12-14 (Tuesday-Thursday). Updates on the auction will be posted on Facebook. With over $100,000 in prize money up for grabs at the year-end finals in Vegas, the joint venture that Cord and John are in on is an investment in a thrill of a lifetime! 

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Born and raised on a cattle ranch on the Flathead Indian Reservation in northwest Montana, Eileen graduated from University of Montana - Western with a Business Degree. She is the mother of two grown children - Sydnee, and Billy Quade; and grandmother of two, Lillian and Rocky Rex. Eileen draws from personal, life experiences; as she has held many positions over the years including heavy equipment operator, member of a survey crew for Independence Mining, veterinary technician, Bud Girl for Anheuser-Busch, PR Director for the Idaho Cowboys Association, feed manager for Midland Bull Test Station in Columbus, Montana, National Event Coordinator for Montana Silversmiths, security guard for the Muskogee Creek Nation One Fire Casino, Marketing Director for the Tulsa RV Ranch, and freelance writer for various publications - including a weekly column for three years in the "Elko Daily Free Press" in Elko, Nevada. She enjoys training barrel horses and singing - and has sung the National Anthem for rodeos such as the Reno Rodeo in Reno, Nevada, the College National Finals, and the New Year's Eve Bull Bash in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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