Music Reviews: John Eric Band & “The Troubadour Experience”

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A George Strait tribute band from Phoenix, AZ

Troubadourexp_photo2One of the best things about Arizona is the talented country music bands all over the state.  So how does one stand out in a state full of talented country music artists? Ask John Eric and his band  members, because  they are at the top of the Arizona country music scene. When John Eric sings, everyone listens.


The Troubadour Experience is built around John’s vocal approach which closely resembles George Strait’s. The Experience features two crucial instruments to the George Strait trademark sound, the Fiddle and the pedal steel guitar and the band is wrapped up with the Dule Adams on drums, Jason Breshears on bass, and Frank Danna on lead guitar.


 Johns Eric’s stage presence, music, and personality resembles Country Music Legends George Strait and Clay Walker. Since John’s early beginnings as an entertainer in Phoenix, Az he has been entertaining crowds in honky tonks, concerts, corporate events, and private events all over the southwest.
The-Troubadour-Experience-CLNThe moment John and his band step on stage he is the center of attention. His funny stage humor and infectious energy will bring even the shyest wallflower to dance floor. John really shines and charms the crowd with his cover tunes such as “ Amarillo By Morning” and “A Fire I Can’t Put Out” and of course “Troubadour”. He will sing countrified versions of Jackson Brownes “ Somebody’s Baby” or  ZZ tops “Tush”.


John Eric “The Troubadour Experience” proves to not only be a first class performer and musician but an accomplished songwriter as well. His vocals are impeccable with robust control. The band in total has proven to be true professionals in an ocean of amateurs.

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