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The Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund: A Lifeline for Rodeo Athletes

Starting back in 1990 the Justin Boots company paired up with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) and the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) to form a crisis fund for injured athletes in need. Thus the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund was founded to assist those injured rodeo athletes not making a guaranteed livable wage, resulting in a financial struggle during an already tough time. 

Rodeoing is not like any other professional sport. In the NBA, NFL, and MLB players are signed to teams with a very comfortable paycheck. But in the WPRA and PRCA athletes only make a paycheck when they win. Those paychecks can range anywhere from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Also, professional rodeo athletes do not always have the luxury of just showing up to a rodeo. They have to pay for the fuel, truck, trailer, feed, horses, tack, etc. Making it a very expensive career. A lot of them see more of a financial loss rather than a financial gain. 

Thankfully the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund  (JCCF) supports those cowboys and cowgirls in the case of a serious injury. As long as the injury was a result of professional rodeo activities and is serious enough that the athlete can no longer compete or afford to pay the bills. Then the JCCF will help fill the void, they would also like to remind you that you DO NOT have to be a member of the WPRA or PRCA to receive assistance. 

Credit: JCCF Facebook
Credit: JCCF Facebook

The Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund was declared a nonprofit back in 1991. Thanks to the support from Justin Boot company and the PRCA, the JCCF is able to accept 100% of all donations. A good way to help support the JCCF if you are able, go on their website and donate a monthly wage or a one-time donation. All donations are tax-deductible. Another great way is to participate in the fundraisers that they put on at the pro rodeos, things like cornhole, golf tournaments, bowling, etc. Your support and donations will go into providing need-based financial assistance. There are so many ways you can partake in this amazing organization and help out families in need. 

Credit: JCCF Facebook
Credit: JCCF Facebook

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Sarah Serrano-Smith is a native Arizonan, who comes from a competitive rodeo family. She is planning to graduate with her degree in Agriculture Business and a minor in Journalism. In her free-time she enjoys competing at rodeos and jackpots.

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