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Trending Styles for The Modern Western Home

Western Home Designs was founded in the spring of 2021. The owner, India Sparks, and her fiancé, Trevor Reiste live in Iowa, but you can find them living out of a Capri Camper majority of the time traveling the country as he is a PRCA bull rider. 

India started this business because she was having trouble finding decor to match her vision of a modern western style, a growing trend in the western decor space that speaks to the millennial audience. Being a millennial herself, India noticed a gap in the marketplace for western home decor that was chic and stylish enough that her friends would want to use it in their homes. And that’s how Western Home Designs was born. India created Western Home Designs in order to fill that gap in the marketplace, providing home decor accents that are a blend of that traditional western flare with modern touches that feel fun, fresh, and full of character. 

The “modern western” category speaks to a younger audience that is growing in purchasing power for businesses today. According to a recent report from YPulse in 2020, millennial purchasing power is estimated at $2.5 Trillion. Yet many brands struggle to connect with this growing audience.

That’s not the case for Western Home Designs, where 48% of this millennial-led business’ audience is in the millennial age range. 

When it comes to this modern approach to western home decor, few brands are getting it right. The truth is “modern western” spans far beyond home decor into categories including fashion, baby, furniture, artwork, and more.

Want to see some “modern western” in action? Here are some of the top styles Western Home Designs is seeing for 2022 that are sure to steal your attention, too.

Cozy Southwestern

Using natural and warm color tones makes a home feel welcoming and cozy. While white has been the main color in many homes over the past few years it’s slowly trending out and we’re seeing a lot more natural colors with pops of color in the home decor such as this Secoya Blanket or rugs like The Island Area Rug

Moody With Aztec

Another trend on the rise is using mirrors like this hexagonal 3D framed mirror to add to the mood in a room. You can also use black as an accent color in your home like Marijka Hunsaker did here with this beautiful dresser that was a DIY project, it’s a perfect touch of the modern western style.  You can find more western DIY ideas on Western Home Designs Pinterest

Black and Brown

We know, we know, your mom told you black and brown don’t go together. Well, the general consensus lately is that’s not entirely true when it comes to home decor. Some of our favorite designers, decorators, and influencers have been pairing brown and black in their homes this year and it’s beautiful. This black Diamante Blanket with natural wood headboard and leather throw pillow is the perfect example of using black and brown together in the same room.

Depth and Texture

By using unique shapes, different depths of shelves, and decor, Marijka Hunsaker shows us how much personality you can give to a room by adding depth and texture. She utilized this small half bath to perfection from the decor to the design of the room. Learn more on how to make small rooms feel bigger here.

Boho and Airy

Boho style has been around since the 70s but what happens when you mix boho and western? Magic! One of the most popular home decor trends in the western industry today is adding that touch of boho style into your home. With light neutrals, complemented by bold darks and different textures, you can achieve this look in your own home as well. The Achuar Blanket featured here is just one example of how you can add in that bold color for the perfect mix of western and boho. 

To shop Western Home Designs products and learn more about India and her brand visit You can follow Western Home Designs on Instagram here.

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