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Most Dangerous Bulls of Rodeo History

Bull riding has been one of the most popular sports in the Midwest for as long as memory serves. For those who are really into the culture, both riders and for spectators, bull riding is a lot more than just a sport. It is a proper lifestyle. People actually live for bull riding and enjoy everything there is about bull riding from the top riders to the bulls that dump their riders within mere seconds. It is because of these supreme four legged mammals that this game has been thriving for hundreds of years. They bring the β€œlife” in the lifestyle of bull riding. Here is a good look at some of the most dangerous bulls of rodeo history, celebrating the might of the fierce and supreme beasts that have embraced the ring and enthralled every man, woman and child over the years.

The #81 Dillinger

#81 Dillinger Bucking Bull

#81 Dillinger was a two time Professional Bull Riders World Champion bucking bull. Belonging to the Herrington Cattle Company, the Dillinger was not just a brutal beast, it was a proper force to be reckoned with, winning the Professional Bull Riders Champion Bull accolade in ’00 and ’01. Historically speaking, Dillinger is considered the most fearsome bull with his stats putting him on the top of the ProBullStats Hall of Fame. With an impressive buck off rate of 85.11 percent, he is rightfully considered one of the most dangerous bulls of rodeo history.

The #J31 Bodacious

Bucking Bull Bodacious

During his time being active in the bull riding circuit, the #J31 Bodacious was considered the most dangerous bull alive and that rightly earns Bodacious his place in the lost of the most dangerous bulls of rodeo history. Not only was he considered the most dangerous bull, he is also regarded as the greatest ever bull which bucked. He was a Professional Bull Riders World Champion buck in ’94 and ’95 and he also won the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association’s Bucking Bull of the Year Award. He was the first ever bull to win both of these accolades with only one other bull having won them in 2017 called Bruiser.

The #856 Dippin Tahonta

Dippin Tahonta Bucking Bull

A bull with an impressive resume, the #856 Dippin Tahonta graced the bull rodeo circuit in the 2000s and is the holder of consecutive Professional Bull Riders Champion Bull of the year in ’03 and ’04. His historical ranking places Dippin Tahonta at 4th all time and a remarkable 94.3 percent buck off rate. ProBullStats’ power rating for Dippin Tahonta was at 84.37 percent and he was a mighty beast. Giving no levee to any of the 12 right handers that took him on, he only ever lost once in his 58 bouts against some of the best bull rodeo riders around.

The #61 Little Yellow Jacket

Little Yellow Jacket Bucking Bull #61

The three time Professional Bull Riders World Champion Bull won the award 3 consecutive years in ’02, ’03 and ’04. In his prime, there was no rider that could bring him under control and no other bull that could have matched the tenacity and ferocity of Little Yellow Jacket. Unlike his name, Little Yellow Jacket was anything but little. One of the most feared bulls to have ever braced this profession, Little Yellow Jacket is considered to be one of the most dangerous bulls of rodeo history.

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