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Music Monday Artist Feature: Raleigh Keegan

Singer/songwriter Raleigh Keegan wasn’t born to a musical family or play the guitar at a young age. Keegan was actually adopted at birth after being born in jail to a brave and selfless single mother. His adopted family was an incredible blessing who gave him an awesome childhood. Raleigh’s parents originally got him into playing the piano, which eventually segwayed into the trombone around age 10. The trombone stuck with Keegan as he eventually went on to become the first chair for jazz trombone in the state of Ohio.

Sports were also a love of Raleigh’s, joining basketball, swim, and football for Georgetown University, but his desire to play music stuck with him throughout the years. Fast forward to 2017 when Keegan released his first song, Looking Like That (acoustic). A year later he released the full version of his song along with a few others. Each year, he has grown and had the opportunity to share more of his songs with the world.

In October, Keegan will be releasing his first full album, which he says, “has been a long time coming. I had the chance to work with Ryan Gore on the project, who has made quite a name for himself around Nashville working with Jon Pardi, Kacey Musgraves, Old Dominion, and more. I’m really excited about this project and finally being able to release it to the world!” Before the infamous pandemic that ruined so many industries, Raleigh was performing between 150-200 shows a year around the United States. This past year though, like so many, he’s been spending his time writing and recording, finally getting back into the swing of touring and really being able to work with his full team on full production shows. 

If you’re looking for an up-and-coming country musician who stays true to who he is and doesn’t necessarily subscribe to the “write to the formula” way of creating music, Raleigh Keegan should go to the top of your playlists. He is a down-to-earth, small-town musician, married to a middle school special education teacher, that just wants to write music that showcases who he is as a person and brings positivity to a world that desperately needs it. 

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