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Music Monday Feature Artist: Roger Dale

Roger Dale is a country/soul singer and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Originally from Southeastern North Carolina, his sound is heavily influenced by his southern roots, Lumbee Native American heritage, and his love for authentic country music from the 90s he grew up with. 

Though he only recently started to pursue music as a full-time career, Roger has been performing since he was 8 years old.

“I grew up around a lot of music.  Growing up in church is where my passion for music formed.  I would sing as much as I could at church and my mama would take me around the community to sing at other churches.  From then on, I have always loved to sing and been enamored with music.”

In addition to singing, Roger has a passion for writing songs that feature everything he loves about country music: story-telling, heart, originality, and relatability. His new EP Phases and Stages, available now, encompasses all of these elements to create one cohesive body of work taking listeners on a journey through love for ourselves and others, showing both the good and the bad, and how those experiences can shape us. 

Phases and Stages as a whole is a wild, but beautiful, roller coaster ride through stories of all that love entails and how it builds us as people. It means so much to me to finally release my debut EP album with songs I wrote conveying stories straight from my heart. I hope listeners love the songs as much as I do and find one or a few that they connect to.” 

One such experience shared on the EP was the Capital Riots on January 6th. At the time, Roger lived fairly close to the Capital Building and witnessed firsthand what was happening. That night he journaled his thoughts and the result was the song “One World, One Love.”

“‘One world, One Love’ is a come-together song that emphasizes unity, which is something the world desperately needs right now.  I wrote it with Justine Blazer and Cory Lee Barker in response to the January 6th events that happened in Washington DC when we witnessed our government overthrown and almost crumbled before our eyes.  I hope this song brings love to those who hear it!” – Roger Dale

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