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Music Monday Artist Feature: Trey Lewis

You may know him as the singer of Dicked Down in Dallas, but country artist Trey Lewis is so much more than the song that went viral last year. On Friday, August 13th, Trey released his first EP since 2013.  Being put on the musical map with a NSFW song wasn’t something Lewis had planned, especially since the song was written as a joke, but when it did what it did, doors were opened for fans to find Trey’s true artistry. Shut the Door gives listeners a view into Trey’s life that many people hadn’t previously seen.

The title track, Trey explains, is a look into his life. He says “I’ll never shut the door on Dicked Down in Dallas and I’ll never shut the door on my past, but I truly believe my past is my greatest asset. You’ve gotta shut the door on the emotions of the past. I’ve been divorced, cheated on..I’ve been through a lot that made me who I am. I thought this was a good way to start new and put new music out to people and let them into the music that I love to make.”

Each song on the EP is personal to Trey, “We’ve got songs that will reach people on different levels. Blue Collar Prayers is about things that I love to do- go fishing, hang out with friends, things that I feel a lot of people will resonate with. We’ve got another song called Backup Man that I wrote about a girl I was seeing and I thought was gonna get serious, but never did. She called me one day and said that she had met someone. That’s when I realized I had definitely read that one wrong, but I was always her backup plan whenever other relationships didn’t work out.”

Lewis adds, “Anybody Other is a personal song. I got to thinking that throughout my music career, every artist always tries to sound like someone else, but you get to a point where you say screw it and decide to make music that’s just you. If I was anybody other than who I am, I might be doing something else or may have gone through a situation differently. But I’m thankful for all the pain and craziness that I’ve been through that’s made me, me.”

Shut the Door is available for streaming and download on all major platforms.

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