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Music Monday Band Feature: The Lacs

When it comes to the country-rap-rock genre, The Lacs are no stranger to remaining at the top. With over 1 billion streams on Pandora, 535 million YouTube views, and over 400 million streams on Spotify, the duo has built quite the fan base over the years. Rapper of the duo Clay Sharpe and singer/guitarist Brian King made their mark in the music world in 2012 when their album 190 Proof became their first album to break into the album charts. In 2015, their album Outlaw In Me climbed to No. 3 on both the country and rap album charts.

Cover Art for “Hellraisers in Heaven” Single

Recently, the duo released their new single in collaboration with Alabama-native singer and songwriter, Murphy Elmore, titled “Hellraisers in Heaven.” The track was produced by Stephen Van Etten and written by Murphy Elmore, Clay Sharpe, Brian King, Samuel Grayson, Cody Webb, and Brian Davis. The lyrics reflect the group’s defiant actions but also show them asking for forgiveness for the said actions, praying they will still enter the pearly gates despite the trouble they found themselves in. Watch the music video for “Hellraisers in Heaven” below!

Sharpe explained the meaning behind the track, saying,

“This song is about that time in your life when you’re just having a good time, but maybe causing a bit of trouble, too. It’s about being rebellious, but not meaning any harm. It’s honest and genuine to our style as artists. I think it’s one where many people will find their own meaning, and personally, it’s one of our best songs yet.”

King also spoke of the choice to have Elmore featured on the track, saying, “Sitting down and talking with Murphy, that told us all we needed to know. He is a cool guy and a very talented songwriter and artist.”

From L to R: Murphy Elmore, Clay Sharpe, and Brian King | Photo Credit: Sabrina Schmidt

The Lacs recently received an official Gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for their hit single “Dirt Road Dollars,” with Nate Kenyon. With over 56 million views on YouTube and +81.6 million combined streams on digital streaming platforms, the song has become one of The Lacs’ and Kenyon’s biggest hits. Watch the music video for “Dirt Road Dollars” below!

King elaborates on the success of the single and the loyalty of the fans,

“I knew we had a song that people could relate to, but we had no clue it was going to be this big. At the time we had just started our own label so everyone was a little nervous knowing we were all in, but when the song hit two million views on YouTube in the first week, we knew we had something special. Don’t matter if you’re farming or just clearing land, this song makes you want to jump on a piece of machinery and tear up some dirt.”

The duo is coming to a close on their current “Hellraisers in Heaven” tour that kicked off on February 9, 2023. Their opening acts include Elmore and singer and songwriter Dustin Spears. For more information on The Lacs, visit their website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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