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Music Monday With Jake Worthington

Credit to Jim Wright

Traditional country artist Jake Worthington is set to release his debut self-titled album on April 7th. The thirteen-track record is, what he says,

“something that’s been six years in the making. I haven’t put anything out since my original EP and I decided that I wanted to really focus on the songs I was fortunate enough to get together with an incredible group of people and, in my opinion, some of the best musicians in the world and the best producer. This is something I’m very proud to be able to say is something I can hang my hat on.”

Credit to Jim Wright

Fans of George Strait and the old-school country sound will love Worthington’s new record. Full of relatable ballads, like State You Left Me In, and songs that’ll have you two-stepping on the dancefloor, such as Honky Tonk Crowd and Next New Thing, there’s something for everyone or whatever mood you’re in. “Country music is the only type of music I’ve ever wanted to play or be a part of. I’m blessed to be where I am and to have the opportunity to do this full-time.”

Jake Worthington Tracklist

  1. State You Left Me In
  2. Single At The Same Time
  3. Without You
  4. Pop Goes The Whiskey (feat. ERNEST)
  5. Ain’t Got You To Hold
  6. She Ain’t You
  7. Next New Thing
  8. Honky Tonk Crown
  9. I Ain’t Goin’ Anywhere
  10. Night Time Is My Time
  11. Only One Way To Find Out
  12. Heaven Can’t Be Found
  13. Closing Time

The 27-year-old doesn’t just sing about the country lifestyle, he and his wife live it too. Running a ranch in Oklahoma, Jake and Sophie are dedicated to rehabilitating, retraining, and rehoming horses from kill pens, auctions, and racetracks across our surrounding states. “I used to spend a lot of time in Oklahoma just writin’ and huntin’. My wife’s family had some property here and it just made sense for us to make this our home.”

Credit to Jim Wright

Touring with his band this spring and summer, you can catch Jake around Texas and Oklahoma.  They’ll be opening for Randy Rogers and Gary Allen on April 14th in Corpus Christi and performing at the Tidal Wave Music Festival in Atlantic City, NJ in August.

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