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CLN Insider: Nathan Dean and the Damn Band

Many know Nathan Dean and the Damn Band as the party anthem guys of country, but with his latest album, released in June of this year, Nathan really digs deep and tells stories of love and loss. The album titled Citizen of the Universe was named after an old friend of Nathans, Larry D. Years ago, Nathan’s sister would throw house parties and have various local bands perform. She would always have the musicians sign a wall in her basement, Larry D signed his name “Citizen of the Universe.”

Larry passed away the same year as Nathan’s father, bringing a lot of reflection of the times with those lost into the heart and soul of the new album. Nathan states, “The concept (of this album) is different than our previous three albums. The others were party and drinking songs. This one is much deeper and thought-provoking” Citizen of the Universe is a tribute to Larry D and Nathan’s father, Tracy Jacobs.

Currently on tour, making their way back west, Nathan Dean and the Damn Band have been on the road for a few months now. Recent stops included Jackson Hole, Nashville, Chicago and Freeport, Illinois, Nathan’s hometown. The next stop, Grizzly Rose in Denver to open for Eli Young Band. Every road trip brings unique experiences and hilarious memories and this tour is no different. When asked about one of the most memorable things that happened on the road so far, Nathan shared, “We were playing at the iconic Million Dollar Saloon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a Tuesday night. There were a few people who sat near the stage all night and came up to talk to us after the show. Turns out, it was 90’s country artist, Collin Raye, and his entire band!”

The new album just came out, but Nathan says that he and the guys are always working on new music. He promises it won’t be another eight years before the next album is released! Nathan Dean and the Damn Band come home to Arizona next month, with their first show back being at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row in Gilbert on October 4th. You can listen to Citizen of the Universe on Spotify here.

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