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The Inside on Canaan Smith

Fours years after his debut album ​Bronco​, Canaan Smith is back with heartfelt songs that tell his story and make you want to go out in the woods with a cold ​beer​. As the first artist to sign with Florida Georgia Line’s new label, Round Here Records, Canaan says that he feels at home. “This is the right fit for me. I’m working with people who I’ve known for a long time and feel like family. These are people who have celebrated and pulled for me and my talent for a long time. They’ve really believed in where this can go and want to help me get there. It feels like the turbos are on.”

Canaan has truly hit the ground running, “I’m at a place in my career where I can take back some control. I co-produced the first four songs, and we’re putting out new music every four weeks which is super cool!”

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“I’ve always had something to say that’s personal to my story. I wanted to use what God’s given me to sing and connect with people. That’s the most rewarding thing as an artist, to connect to people through songs where they can find their stories as well. I’ve always wanted to continue telling my story.”

Previously released single, “Bronco,” is a song Canaan says he will always have a special connection with. “It’s an autobiography about a very specific event in my life that forever changed me. There’s a lot of cathartic feelings that go with that.” The singer-songwriter states the next batch of songs to be released dig further into his story, including bittersweet feelings about leaving his home state of Virginia to chase his dreams of music. 

Canaan recently finished up his first tour with the guys from Florida Georgia Line, along with Dan + Shay and Dylan Schneider. He says, “Playing the songs live is the best part. Energy is escalated when there’s a crowd, and the coolest moments are when they’re singing your songs back to you. It’s another chance to connect with people in real-time. I hope to have a whole setlist full of songs that they know the word for word very soon.”

You can hear Canaan’s current single, “Life Ain’t Fair” ​here​, and look out for updates on Facebook​, ​Instagram​, ​Twitter​ , and his ​official website​.

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