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National Senior Pro Rodeo

Senior cowboys who want to stay in the saddle can join the National Senior Pro Rodeo Association (NSPRA) and continue to compete in 9 different rodeo events.

Senior Pro Rodeo 2014Senior cowboys who want to stay in the saddle can join the National Senior Pro Rodeo Association (NSPRA) and continue to compete in nine different rodeo events including bull riding, steer wresting, and roping. Competitions include both men’s and ladies’ events.

Senior Cowboy Qualifications

Cowboys are eligible for National Senior Pro Rodeo Association membership a decade before AARP notices start showing up in their mailbox. Membership is open to all in the year they turn 40.

Senior Pro Rodeo Events

Events are held throughout the year. There are three regions, Canada and Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, California, and Nevada, and Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. Competitors must compete in at least five rodeos in their region to earn points. The top eight finishers from each region compete in the national finals.
Senior Pro Rodeo 4

There are separate events for each age group—with different breakdowns depending on the event. Most events are broken by decade—40s, 50s, 60s, with a few exceptions. For those senior riders who are actually senior outside the rodeo circuit, there is a 68+ group for men’s calf roping, and a non-sanctioned 70+ men’s breakaway roping event. In team events, riders can compete against younger riders based on their partner’s age; riders never get the advantage of competing against riders in a higher age group.

National Senior Pro Rodeo Champions are named in each event and age group as well as naming an all around champion in each age group.

Senior pro rodeo 1Hall of Fame

The NSPRA Hall of Fame honors the memory of those who made significant contributions to the sport. There are four-footed honorees as well; besides the three to five human honorees annually, the association also honors a bareback horse, a bronco, and a bull each year.

The Hall of Fame displays rodeo memorabilia as the Ravalli County Museum in Montana.

Cowboy Crisis Fund

The athletes who participate in rodeos risk serious injury, as do athletes in any sport. The Senior Pro Rodeo Cowboy Crisis Fund is a non-profit that offers assistance to anyone injured by participating in a rodeo.
Assistance isn’t limited to riders but is also extended to officials or anyone else involved in the running of the event.
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Animal Welfare

Rodeos are sometimes criticized for their treatment of animals, and the NSPRA has taken steps to ensure that the animals involved in their rodeos are treated humanely. Contestants are fined and/or disqualified for any mistreatment of animals. Veterinarians are always present for events and every animal is checked before its participation is allowed.

How to get involved:

Contact: National Senior Pro Rodeo Association

Address: 2015 W. Wickenburg Way • Wickenburg, AZ 85390
Phone: 928.684.9566 Fax: 928.684.9576

Big thanks to all the seniors out there keeping the sport of rodeo alive and well and for visiting Cowboy Lifestyle Network for your all your National Senior Pro Rodeo Association (NSPRA) information.  Stay tuned for further CLN articles, photos and videos on events and happenings with National Senior Pro Rodeo’s across North America!

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