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Gunnison TETWP Program is Pedaling for Pink!

Gunnison Tough Enough to Wear Pink Program announces Pedal for Pink event on June 3rd.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what we are capable of. In the summer of 2019, Kevin Sanderford and his young daughter Skye rode a tandem bike across the United States, from Seattle to Maine. From early June to mid August, the two of them rode 4,200 miles! 

This summer, Kevin and his other daughter, 9 year old Abby, embark on a similar journey, cross country, 4,200 miles, from Seattle to Maine. But this time around- they pedal for Pink. Fueled by extra love and passion for this trip as they are navigating their wife and mother Jennifer’s breast cancer diagnosis. 

“Every day is a new day”, said Jennifer when talking to Executive Director of TETWP, Heidi Sherratt when she and Kevin sat down to share their story.

Knowing that every day is a new day, opens a world of positivity and hope whether you’re biking across the country or battling breast cancer. In a joint effort with the Sanderfords, Gunnison TETWP Program will be spreading awareness, sharing inspiration and raising money on a national scale to support other cancer patients and their families in our community.

Kevin and Abby leave their home in Crested Butte, CO on Friday, June 4th to travel to their starting line in Anacortes, Washington. They begin pedaling for Pink on Monday, June 7th, 2021.

Community-friendly Send Off Celebration: Thursday, June 3rd, taking off at 5pm to celebrate the beginning of their journey and Abby’s 9th birthday. Starting at Garlic Mike’s, TETWP will be pedaling with the Sanderfords on the bike trail to Colorado West Investments and back.

During their journey across America, Gunnison TETWP will be following them closely, sharing their journey on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Welcome Back Party at Gunnison TETWP’s annual Grits, Guts, Gals TETWP & GO Initiative event: August 2021 (date tbd)

Pedal Pledging

Submit pledges for each HOUR pedaled, tracked by Strava and updated weekly on

Event Information

Family Ride Along | $30 sign up fee online
Receive swag (t shirts, cow bells and stickers)
Instructions on how to follow and share
Bike trails in Gunnison
Not limited to local
Each entry is a drawing to win grand prize
100 miles by Sanderford= 1 mile or 1 block for participants

Contact Heidi or Mackenzie

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