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Drones Feeding Children? WakWay Summer Lunch N’ Learn Program

Over the past few years, The WakWay Foundation has put millions of servings of fruits and vegetables into inner-city communities. With the creation of the Agricultural Drone Program, WakWay is combining its technology with its community service. The WakWay Summer Lunch N’ Learn Program focuses on providing staple meal items to children whose circumstances do not give them easy access to summer school lunch programs.

The WakWay Summer Lunch N’ Learn Program

WakWay’s mission is to leave the world better than we found it, and that means investing in technology that reduces natural resource waste and teaching those techniques to the next generation. Combining their meal distribution with a Farm-i-tude drone learning day allows WakWak to invest in the youth with nutritious food options and teach them how technology can change their future with job opportunities and change the world.

“Not everyone has the resources to go to college,” says Don Wakamatsu, President of The WakWay Foundation, “We want to give children the knowledge of other pathways for careers.”

The WakWay Summer Lunch N’ Learn program will target rural locations where the children and their parents can pick up the staple food items and learn about the drones.  

“We plan to have both our smaller mapping drones and our larger agricultural drones available that day so children can get a sense of real world possibilities,” says Wakamatsu.

The Farm-i-tude pilots will be on scene to showcase the drone’s capabilities and answer questions while parents pick up food items to assist the children and their whole family.

“We can be out here every week giving food and helping these families,” says Wakamatsu. “But what we really want to do is give the children the tools to have confidence in themselves to do so much more.”    

Agricultural Drone Program

Drone technology is the fastest-growing segment of the transportation industry, with the need for 100,000 licensed pilots in the next couple of years. Licensing encourages STEM understanding in a fun learning atmosphere. The Farm-i-tude program has a complete online course that anyone can take anywhere and learn at their own pace.  

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About the WakWay Foundation

Because of the frightening loss rate of America’s small farms, The WakWay Foundation is committed to supporting all small farms with as many programs as possible. Two of the largest programs are and

The WakWayFarm store partners with small farms and gives farms a platform to sell their farm-made goods.

Farm-i-tude teaches students and gives access to small farms, the precision technology formerly only provided to large farms.

ANYONE can support our efforts by purchasing from our store or learning how to get involved with our technology outreach programs.

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