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Lone River Ranch Water has Officially Landed in Arizona

Listen up hard seltzer fans, there’s a new seltzer in town and you’re about to be blown away. From the desert of West Texas, Lone River Ranch Water has officially landed in Arizona! If you’re wondering what kind of alcoholic beverage named “Ranch Water” could possibly taste like, keep reading and I’ll tell you about it, but first, let’s chat about who came up with such a thing and where “ranch water” got its start.

If you were to look up “ranch water” on Google right now, you are going to find that its origins actually stem from a long-time recipe traditionally made with Topo Chico, tequila, and a squeeze of lime. As the story goes, a rancher in West Texas “created” the recipe in the 1960s. It was said that the drink had him following the stars in Texas, all the way from Fort Davis to Marathon. Then, at the end of his journey, he was found sound asleep under a piñon tree. Since then, the recipe has been a West Texas staple for the last several decades, but only now is it coming together to be available in town near you.

About Lone River Beverage Company

Lone River Beverage Company was founded in 2019 by Texas native, Katie Beal Brown. Her product, “Ranch Water” is a celebration of her Texas heritage and an homage to what West Texas stands for. She also had a goal of offering something beyond the typical seltzer flavors that were currently on the market. With that goal in mind, she was able to grow and expand the brand exponentially during a time that many others were sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what would happen. Because of that, Lone River Ranch Water is the premier source for a truly authentic, West Texas experience.

“A Lone River cuts through the high desert of Far West Texas. Some look to the Lone River for refreshment, others chase the story it writes in every bend and bow.”

Up until recently, Ranch Water only had distribution available in Texas and Tennessee, but we are excited to announce that it is now available throughout Arizona, Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, and the Florida panhandle. Depending on your exact location, you may even have it in your state outside of this list. Want to check and see if it’s available near you? Find out here.

Ranch Water Flavors

Time to get into the details of what you can expect when you buy these deliciously refreshing seltzers. First, as of right now, Ranch Water has four different flavors to choose from, Original, Rio Red Grapefruit, Spicy, and the newest addition, Prickly Pear. All are available in 6-packs (except Prickly Pear) or you can get a variety 12-pack with all four flavors. Lone River was able to creatively combine traditional, agave-style flavors with the popular demand for hard seltzer. As far as the general flavor profile goes, you can expect the truly satisfying mouthfeel of highly carbonated seltzer water, 100% organic agave, natural lime juice, and a gluten-free alcohol base.

Original Ranch Water

The Original Ranch Water hard seltzer is made with 100% organic agave and natural lime juice. This is a great place to start if you are completely new to the brand. Get a feel for what Ranch Water is all about by giving the Original the first shot.

Rio Red Grapefruit

Think Original Ranch Water with a squeeze of perfectly ripened, red grapefruit juice. If you aren’t a huge fan of grapefruit, I would still encourage you to give this flavor a shot, as it is more refreshing than you might expect. The Rio Red hard seltzer is made with 100% organic agave, natural lime & Rio Red grapefruit juice.

Prickly Pear

Now featured in the Ranch Water variety 12-pack, the exclusive, new flavor, Prickly Pear Ranch Water, is inspired by the Prickly Pear cactus fruit found in the high deserts of far West Texas. This is by far my favorite out of all of the flavors, with just a hint of the sweet Prickly Pear cactus fruit juice paired with the traditional flavors of agave and lime.


If you are on the brave side and enjoy a little kick in your beverage, then Ranch Water Spicy is the drink for you! Pair this bad boy with a tajin rim and you’re ready to rock. Enjoy this Ranch Water made with a Texas kick! This Spicy hard seltzer is made with 100% organic agave, natural lime juice & true Texas jalapeño flavors.

Where to Find Ranch Water in Arizona

It was only earlier this year that the hard seltzer brand branched out to Arizona, so make sure to double-check the Lone River website to see if there is a location near you that serves this West Texas treat. Currently, the major Arizona cities that have it are the Phoenix Valley, Tucson, Dewey, Prescott, Cottonwood, Marana, Wickenburg, Payson, Casa Grande, Florence, Cave Creek, San Tan Valley, and many more.

Phoenix Valley Bars & Restaurants

Make sure to make a special note of these restaurants because we will be featuring some of them in our next article, “Arizona Ranch Water Restaurant Tour”.

  • Harold’s in Cave Creek
  • Buffalo Chip in Cave Creek
  • Bourbon Jack’s in Chandler
  • Belle’s Nashville Kitchen in Scottsdale
  • Rooster Tavern in Scottsdale
  • Brickies in Queen Creek

Major Stores & Retailers

  • Valley Sprouts Farmers Markets
  • Fry’s Food & Drug Store
  • Total Wine & More
  • Bevmo
  • Select Chevron Gas Stations

Lone River is also available via delivery platforms Drizly, GoPuff, and Minibar. To learn more, visit Make sure to follow them on your favorite social media channel by following the links below. Enjoy Responsibly.

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