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A Recipe for a Romantic Wedding Proposal

CLN’s excited to share a very romantic marriage proposal which could have been written for the Hallmark Movie Channel by Heith DeMoss starring Hallie DeMoss


Cowboy Lifestyle Network is excited to share a truly romantic marriage proposal which could have been written for the Hallmark Movie Channel by Heith DeMoss starring Hallie DeMoss.

The Saddle Bronc Rider and his lovely wife graciously shared with Cowboy Lifestyle Network the script including the spaghetti dinner recipe.
“One morning I called my mama and I told her I was going to propose to Hallie.

I need a spaghetti dinner, plates and everything laid out on a blanket (by the pond). Β I get a paddle boat, put the champagne on ice and I get all this setup when late in the evening here comes a thunderstorm.Β  So, I tell Hallie let’s go for a ride, I have the horses saddled let’s go.Β  I had to convince her to go riding because I don’t want the rain to mess everything up.”

HEITH and HALLIE Wedding Proposal 1

Heith admits he hurried the events along and Hallie was suspicious when he popped the question. “She thinks somebody is in the bushes filming this as a joke and starts looking for them.

I had it all planned out to be absolutely romantic and it was a rush deal. Β Heck she married me anyway!”Β  he stated.
Hallie started at the beginning of their relationship, “Heith and I somewhat grew up together.

Although his house was an hour and half away, he had family that lived in Heflin, (Louisiana) that would always bring him and (brother) Cody to my dad’s weekly rodeos. I guess we were somewhere around 10 and 11-years-old at that time. He says he always had a crush but I would never give him the time of day. I’m don’t recall any of that.”

“On Sept 9, 2008 I had just gotten home from class and was starving. I kept trying to fix something to eat but he wouldn’t let me. He made me go with him on the 4-wheeler to one of our pastures.

Cowboy Lifestyle Network Spaghetti Sauce Recipe-Gretchen Kirchmann

DSC_0333At the pond was a paddle boat (that was not usually there) we hopped in, he poured me a glass of champagne and we very quickly paddled across to the other side,” Hallie retold.

“I was thinking this is so weird and what the heck are we doing. Once we got across the pond he made me get out and walked me to a blanket where he had a picnic planned. Instead of eating, he quickly got down on one knee and proposed. I said yes, we packed everything up, and got back to my parents house right before it started pouring down rain.”

Heith planned the proposal to start with a horseback ride across the pasture to the paddle boat where they’d enjoy champagne and have a scenic boat ride to the picnic site where he’d propose after dinner.

So did they ride horses or a take a 4-wheeler?Β  Tweet @cowboylifestyle or comment/post on Facebook (The Cowboy Lifestyle Show)Β your guess!

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Gretchen Kirchmann is a veteran journalist covering a variety of events across the country each year. She founded Kirchmann Media Group in 2009 and works as a marketing consultant with a forte for the western lifestyle industry, festivals, fairs and rodeo world. Her work includes 15 national communication awards plus coverage of Nashville's CMT Awards and CMA Fanfest. A favorite assignment was attending the all cast reunion of the Dukes of Hazard in 2006 and 2007 at Dukesfest. In December you will find her covering the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and Miss Rodeo America pageant live from Las Vegas. Her favorite color is orange, favorite song "Rocky Top" and she loves to dance especially clogging.

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