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Record Rack’s Bucks for the Brave Heroes Hunt

Record Rack is Thanking all Those That Have Served

Cowboy Lifestyle Network is proud to be partnering with Sportman’s Choice & Record Rack Feed to help promote Bucks for the Brave Heroes Hunt. This program was developed to support heroes, share their stories, and unite us all in honoring and recognizing their service to our great nation. We often jump at any opportunity to get involved with organizations like Record Rack and Trinity Oaks. We saw what they accomplished earlier this year when they helped a family whose father was taken too soon overseas while he was serving our country and the response was outstanding.

There aren’t many of us that can understand the sacrifices that the men and women that have served on the front lines in our armed forces, law enforcement, and fire departments, have made but we can share their story and celebrate their victories. Record Rack is on the search for heroes in your community that you want to nominate for the Bucks for the Brave initiative. You will be able to find more information at the bottom of this article!

The Mission

The mission is to simply honor and recognize a hero in your life! It just takes a minute to nominate any retired or non-working nominee in any of the following fields: Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves,Β  Firefighters and Law Enforcement. You can see more of their frequently asked questions by hopping over to their website.

The Heroes to be Awarded

Nominees will be contacted to verify eligibility (see official rules and regulations) and availability to attend the hunt scheduled for November 8-12, 2019. One hero from each category will be selected by a committee made up of contest partners, Veterans, and Retirees of Law Enforcement and Firefighters.Β  These 7 heroes will be the Grand Prize Winners that are announced on October 5, 2019.

How to Nominate a Hero

Now the fun part! In order to nominate your hero, you need to submit a photo along with a short essay as to why this Hero should be chosen to win. All nominations must be submitted by September 15th. This contest allows you to nominate Veterans (no longer serving), Retired Firefighters and Law Enforcement Retirees to win the hunt of a lifetime. This all-inclusive hunt will take place Veteran’s Day Weekend, November 8-12, 2019, at Trinity Oak’s Thumbtack Ranch in Batesville, TX. They will be awarding one winner from each of our seven categories:Β  Air Force Veteran, Army Veteran, Coast Guard Veteran, Marine Corps Veteran, Navy Veteran, Retired Firefighter, Retired Law Enforcement.Β  7 HEROES WILL WIN!

Please join Cowboy Lifestyle Network as we support such a great cause in honoring those who have served. We are so excited to be partnered with a great organization that is dedicated to giving back to those who put their lives on the line at one time or another. Please share and nominate away! You can find the nomination link here:

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