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SAVE 40% OFF Papa John’s Pizza & Help Wildland Firefighters with Promo Code WFF40

Eat Good & Do Good! Join Papa John’s Pizza in thanking Wildland Firefighters through the special WFF40 Meal Deal. Learn more about these brave Americans!

SAVE 40% OFF Papa John’s Pizza & Help Wildland Firefighters With Promo Code WFF40

SAVE 40% OFF Papa John’s Pizza & Help Wildland Firefighters With Promo Code WFF40

Join Papa John’s Pizza in thanking America’s brave Wildland Firefighters through a special WFF40 Meal Deal.

Customers can go to and use the promo code WFF40 to get 40% off regular menu price online orders with 10% of the discounted purchase price donated to Wildland Firefighters Foundation ( ).

Offer valid at limited cities in Arizona, Oregon, Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri & Kansas through 10/31/17.

SAVE 40% OFF Papa John’s Pizza & Help Wildland Firefighters With Promo Code WFF40

Who Are Wildland Firefighters?

Wildland firefighters are America’s rugged firefighters of the mountains, forests, plains and wilderness areas of the West and of the pine barrens, deciduous forests, swamps, piney woods and prairies of the East, South and Midwest.

Who Are Wildland Firefighters? Kyle Millers Picture

Wildland firefighters are groundpounders, hotshots, engine crew, helitack, smoke jumpers, airtanker and helicopter pilots and support personnel, dozer operators, water tender operators; and in firecamp, those who keep records and manage ops and planning, logistics and finance, those who oversee safety, critically assess risk at a systems and incident level, provide info to the public, and incident commanders (the “generals”) that have worked their way up through the ranks. They are a diverse, yet united, interagency firefighting force of federal, state & local wildland firefighters, private sector wildland firefighters, and volunteers.

Why They Need The Wildland Firefighter Foundation?

Wildland Firefighters families do not receive any benefits after a fatality for up to 3 months. The Wildland Firefighters Foundation steps in to support those families immediate financial needs. The WFF also offers long term grief recovery for families of fallen and support our injured wildland firefighters who only receive 60% of their base pay after an injury.

Wildland Firefighters

They also lose their overtime and don’t always have a way to support their families. Unfortunately, dealing with the Department of Labor’s Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs  (OWCP) is not an easy task and the Foundation can sometimes assist if it is a line of duty as long as it is within our mission.

The Foundation can often fly family members to the bedside of the injured, who are often states away from where they live. We also work with long term trauma effects on the firefighters and their families who are exposed to horrific incidents when a firefighter is killed or seriously injured while fighting fires in remote areas.

Our Family & Our Community
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Donate To The Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Wildland Firefighter Foundation’s Mission

Wildland Firefighter Foundation’s main focus is to help families of firefighters killed in the line of duty and to assist injured firefighters and their families.  They honor and acknowledge past, present, and future members of the wildland firefighting community, and partner with private and interagency organizations to bring recognition to wildland firefighters.

America's Wildland Firefighters

Wildland Firefighter Foundation provides financial assistance, immediate and ongoing emotional support, advocacy, and recognition to fallen and injured wildland firefighters.  They present program information and in some instances, onsite crisis support, to government and private fire agencies and other organizations.

Survivor family members are forever a part of the Foundation’s purpose.  The Foundation continues to provide emotional support and in some cases financial support many years after a firefighter’s death.  Additional support may include holiday sponsorship for families with young children, travel expenses to attend survivor gatherings and recognition programs, and counseling for immediate family members.

Wildland Firefighters Foundation 52 Club

You can make a difference – please tell friends about the WFF.

This WFF is supported by individuals. They do not receive government money – they exist because thousands of you choose to support each other.

Almost everyone can afford to donate just $1 per week for a year. That is $52 for an annual donation. Challenge your buddies, friends, family, and communities to join in.

Instant Donate
Learn More About Wildland Firefighters Foundation
SAVE 40% OFF Papa John's Pizza & Help the Wildland Firefighter Foundation With Promo Code WFF40
SAVE 40% OFF Papa John's Pizza & Help the Wildland Firefighter Foundation With Promo Code WFF40

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