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From everyone living the American dream including all cowboys and cowgirls to people worldwide, we’re all legendary for repping a brand with a time-tested legacy such as the one and only, Wrangler! Founded in 1904, the authentic western brand, Wrangler has been providing the best western jeans around. Itโ€™s one of the top western wear companies providing the best jeans that are durable and comfortable for all those challenges and jobs the day brings. Not only does Wrangler sell jeans but they also sell shirts, shorts, jackets, outerwear, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, and other accessories to men, women, and kids. The company comprises of a huge team of hardworking, fun-loving, courageous individuals who give their all in the face of challenges and hurdles by showing great perseverance and solid commitment. The history of this company Wrangler runs parallel to that of the rise and evolution of the country. Whatโ€™s interesting to note here is that the jeans manufactured by the company back then were worn by the very same people who built it.

A Peek Into the History of the Company

In 1897, in the rising textile town, Greensboro, North Carolina, a young 20-year-old lad, C.C. Hudson found work in a garment factory where he began sewing buttons for 25 cents a day. Years later, in 1904, his workplace closed down, after which he, along with his brother, created the Hudson Overall Company, which was being operated from a small loft. The year 1919 was a booming period for them as sales grew exponentially, and so, they moved to bigger and better headquarters. The two brothers also changed the name of the company and called it, Blue Bell Overall Company.

Inside the Blue Bell Overall Company in Greensboro, North Carolina, 1914

Eventually, in 1926, the company was bought by Big Ben Manufacturing of Kentucky, and the name remained Blue Bell. Then, in 1936, the company introduced Super Big Ben Overalls to the market, which featured pure sanforized fabric which guaranteed reduced shrinkage to as less as 1%. This set a whole new standard and level for the entire industry.

A few years later, in 1943, Blue Bell took over a work-clothing manufacturer called Casey Jones Company and also bought the rights to use their brand name, โ€˜Wrangler,โ€™ which Casey Jones hardly ever used. In 1947, the first-ever original and real western jeans from the company were designed and that too, by none other than the celebrity tailor named Rodeo Ben. And thatโ€™s how the company came into being and made a name in the world of western clothing!

Accomplishments and Achievements Over the Years

In the same year 1947, the brand name Wrangler was endorsed by three of the most professional and popular rodeo cowboys around, Bill Linderman, Jim Shoulders, and Freckles Brown, who wore the products and associated the brand name with perfection in terms of being durable and authentic. A year later, World Cowboy Champion called Jim Shoulders came on board as a certified endorsee for this company, after which he won as many as 16 world championships. Wrangler successfully made its way to Europe a few years later in 1962, and in 1974, they became the only western wear brand that was publicly recognized by the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association and still is to this date.

In 1992, Wrangler supplied clothes to the cast of the greatest movie called, Pure Country that starred George Strait wearing Wrangler jeans. In 2003, the George Strait Cowboy Cut collection was added to the Wrangler family. Fast forward to the year 2009, and Wrangler introduced its newly formed line โ€˜Wrangler Retro,โ€™ a Western fashion line that wished to rock their style with a unique attitude. The company brought Jason Aldean on board and made him the face of their retro line. Being a superstar in country music, he brought them great success!

After a series of achievements and successes, was born in December 2013. Itโ€™s a website that streams live rodeo, songwriter series, video footage, country music videos, and rodeo scores, among many other things.

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