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Top Breweries in Austin, Texas

Calling all beer lovers! Next time you’re in Austin, Texas, don’t forget to take a dive into these breweries to get yourself a cold one! Like many other cities, Austin has seen exponential and rapid growth in the number of breweries. Whether it’s talented folks taking a leap of faith for the very first time into the brewery world to pros trying to experiment with something new. The beer industry in Austin isn’t slowing down any time soon. If you are in the mood for some wild ale or an old-world lager, you will surely come across your favorite beer by visiting some of the top breweries in Austin, Texas.

Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom in Austin, Texas

Hops & Grain Brewing

How it Began

The concept of Hops & Grain came to the mind of the founder back in 2011 when breweries in Texas weren’t allowed to operate a tasting room in the same sense that people are used to now.  The main motive of this brewery was to create a space where people could gather comfortably and taste beer, even if they didn’t buy it.

What to Expect

Hops & Grain is an absolutely amazing brewery located in Austin that operates 7 days a week from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This place truly delivers a homely feeling. This brewery has plenty of beers to choose from, you have India Pale Ale, Lager, Double IPA, Pale Lager, American Style IPA, Baltic Style Porter, and Dry Hopped. The primary focus of the company is its community, which is why they try to be as sustainable as possible.

Address: 507 Calles, Austin, Texas 78702.

Hops & Grain Brewery in Austin, Texas

Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom

How it Began

The idea of the Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom started with Patrick and Forrest Clark, and their high school best friend, Marco Rodriguez, back in 2009. Starting off with a brewing setup in their garage, this Austin team spent time outside of work to this newfound hobby, eventually going all in 2015.

What to Expect

Zilker serves as a very casual yet inviting space to grab a beer and bite after work. This brewery is rather large with a variety of options to load up on Zilker’s own brews, in addition to a rotating selection of craft classics. This brewery isn’t shy to play around with beer as their amazing margarita-inspired beer called Top Shelf has topped the charts.

Address: 1701 E. 6th Street, Austin, TX 78702.

Zilker Brewing Company and Taproom in Austin, Texas

Live Oak Brewing Company

How it Began

Founded in 1996, the Live Oak Brewing Company was initially co-founded by Peters and Chip McElroy, a homebrewer. Later in 2001, Peters began brewing with Tim Schwartz, leading to the production of some award-winning beers. The Live Oak Brewing Company offers lagers and ales to the beer drinkers of Austin. Employing an old-world style of brewing practiced extensively throughout Europe, this company has truly outdone itself.

Live Oak Brewing Company in Austin, Texas

What to Expect

This brewery uses only the best, most authentic ingredients, putting them through a time-consuming mash and lagering process to produce the best possible beer. Not only can you visit this site at the address given below, but you can also opt for a virtual tour through their website.

Address: 1615 Crozier Lane, Del Valle, TX 78617

Live Oak Brewing Company in Austin, Texas

Jester King Brewery

How it Began

The Co-Founder of Jester King, Jeffrey Stuffings, was a local homebrewer who eventually got into working on Jester King in late 2007. After a year of meticulous planning, Stuffings moved on to ask for help from his brother Michael. In 2009, the brothers found a place and rebuilt it into a brewery, brewing its first batch of beer in 2010.

What to Expect

The list of top breweries in Austin will be incomplete without Jester King! People from all over Texas come to visit the place and relax on the weekend. This brewery has an impressively long list of beers to go. You can get beer by the glass or get a whole bottle in the taproom to enjoy. The unique taste of their beer is due to the combination of yeast strains, spontaneous fermentation, and the use of well water. If you visit Jester King now, you can expect to enjoy their new and updated menu as well!

Address: 13187 Fitzhugh Rd, Austin, Tx 78736

Jester King Brewery in Austin, Texas

The Austin Beer Garden Brewery Co.

How it Began

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company is a product of a successful collaboration between a group of friends, all of whom are beer and music enthusiasts. Located in South Austin, this brewery serves craft brews and food in a considerably large space.

What to Expect

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company has 10 beers to offer at all times: five mainstays and five specials. Their menu comprises delicious gourmet feast options like pizza topped with duck eggs. In addition to beer and food, you can also experience their regular live music lineup.

Address: 1305 W. Oltorf St., Austin, TX 78704

Austin Beer Brewing Garden Co. in Austin, Texas

Austin Beerworks

How it Began

The Austin Beerworks is co-founded by four business gurus Michael Graham and Mike McGovern, brewmaster Will Golden and head cellar-man Adam DeBower. Coming from different backgrounds, they all had one single belief – a high-quality brewery will be successful in Austin. Therefore, after lots of trial runs, they launched their first batch of beer in 2011.

What to Expect

Austin Beerworks has been very consistent when it comes to the list of top breweries in Austin. It offers an amazing lineup of beers, in addition to amazing ale. This brewery keeps switching its taproom exclusives to keep things fun and entertaining!

Address: 3001 Industrial Ter Austin, Tx 78758

After going through this list of top breweries in Austin, you better head down there to check them out for yourself! Time to relax, unwind, and enjoy some of the best brews that Austin has to offer.

Austin Beerworks in Austin, Texas

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