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Top Ten Western Baby Names for 2020

In case you find yourself needing a western baby name for your 2020 quarantine baby, I have put together a list of the top ten western baby names for you to peruse. As always, I appreciate your feedback and would love to know what you think about the top ten picks! The picks will be split for the top five boy names and the top five girl names.

Top Five Western Boy Names

  1. Beau –  This name, in its original context, means pretty or handsome. Margaret Mitchell also used the name Beauregard in her best selling 1936 novel, “Gone with the Wind,” as the baby born to Melanie and Ashley Wilkes.

  2. Austin – This has been a popular name, at the top of the charts since the 1980’s. Austin means great, it is an English version of Augustus. Also in Latin, it means magic dignity. Not to mention, Austin is just a great name.

  3. Boone – This name started becoming insanely popular in the last 20 years. The original meaning means “good” or “blessing”. If this is a name you are considering, you should also know that this is the name of Dale Brisby’s horse.

  4. Granger – An English name meaning “worker of the granary”, basically a farmer. We picked this name because 1.) Granger Smith is a badass. And 2.) Granger is a great country name that isn’t overused. We highly recommend this one!

  5. Wyatt – It may go without saying, but the popularity for this name stems from the famous, Wyatt Earp. It may also be that Wyatt is just a phenomenal western name.

Top Five Western Girl Names

  1. Genevieve – Through the last few decades, Genevieve has increased in popularity. It has Germanic roots, and it means “leader of the tribe”.

  2. Annie – The meaning of Annie is ‘blessed with Grace’. Annie was the name of one of the most popular cowgirls of her time. Being born in a poor family, Annie took over to hunting to feed her family after her father passed away. She became the first woman to feature on the Buffalo Cody’s Wild West Show.

  3. Cassidy – Do you remember Kathie Lee Gifford, the tastemaker of the early 1990s? She chose Cassidy for her daughter. Soon after, thousands of parents followed the suit. This Irish name means ‘clever’ or “curly-haired”.

  4. Marybeth – A combination of two names, Marybeth is a popular cowgirl name that means “star of the sea”.

  5. Wynonna – Wynnona is of Sioux, Native American origin which means “firstborn daughter”.

We hope you enjoyed this top ten list of country western baby names. With so many good ones out there, it was hard to nail down to the top ten. We want to know what your favorites are! Drop us a comment below and make sure to follow us on your favorite social media platforms!

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