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Total Feeds Athlete Highlight: Daylon Swearingen

We are excited to introduce our new athlete highlight articles! Our first article in this series is the up and coming bull rider, Daylon Swearingen. The interview should speak for itself to represent this young man, but we are excited to not only work with this bull rider but also be able to follow his journey not only through the PBR, but also through the PRCA.

Total Feeds: Can you tell the audience a little about yourself? (Background, your history with riding bulls, how you got into it, etc.)

Daylon: My whole family has always done it and it’s something I always grew up doing. I starting riding sheep and calves in North Carolina, moved to New York and starting riding JR bulls. Then moved to bucking ponies. My dad who owned a rodeo company never had contestants in the horse riding so that’s how I started riding the ponies. It then evolved into the bucking horses.

Total Feeds: What was it like being qualified for the PBR Finals and the NFR this year?

Daylon: It was really cool to be the youngest guy to do it behind all the great guys to do it that I looked up to as a kid.

Total Feeds: How would you describe the WNFR atmosphere between the contestants, the performances and just being there for the duration?

Daylon: It didn’t hit me until I was there, until I was doing the grand entry practices. But then I thought it really hit me at the back number ceremony. But when it really hit me was at the actual first grand entry during the rodeo. The atmosphere is so intense.

Total Feeds: Was there anything special that you do to prepare for your rides (NFR or otherwise)?

Daylon: Just workout really. Stay in shape, being loose, and being flexible.

Total Feeds: What advice would you give to someone wanting to get into bullriding or someone trying to get to the NFR?

Daylon: Don’t quit until you get to where you want to be. It’s a lot of ups and downs it’s never a steady path but you have to just keep looking at the ups.


Total Feeds: What’s your “Why”? (Your mission, what drives and motivates you…etc.)

Daylon: Mostly because I love the sport and God’s giving me the ability to do it. I just love the atmosphere, the rodeos, the bulls, and everything so I’m just trying to do it as a career.


Total Feeds: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Daylon: Hopefully I’ll have a little ranch raising bucking bulls and just competing in rodeos and continuing competing in riding bulls and raising them.


Total Feeds: Who did/do you look up to?

Daylon: I look up to so many different people because I take things from everyone and combine them to what I think is right and will help me. My college coach Jeff Collins and my Dad has helped me tremendously and being in the atmosphere of Texas helped me a lot on this journey.


Thank you for tuning in to the first article in our athlete highlight series! You can bet that all us here at Total Feeds will be following Daylon’s wins as he takes on the PBR and the PRCA this year. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to follow him as well!

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