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Trinity Oaks, Non-Profit Rallies Around Military Gold Star Family

The western industry has come together time and time again to support those in need; it never ceases to amaze me at what our community can do when we work together and this is a story of just that. Record Rack is partnered with Trinity Oaks, a faith-based organization located in Batesville, Texas to help this family get back on their feet. Trinity Oak’s programs and services are designed specifically for Veterans, Gold Star Families, youth, terminally ill and disabled who benefit immensely from the outdoors, but otherwise would not be able to afford the experience.  Record Rack has been providing support for this organization for several years.

It is truly amazing to watch non-profit organizations such as Trinity Oaks do some amazing things for families that deserve the best, but it is even cooler to be a part of the journey. Cowboy Lifestyle Network is proud to partner with Record Rack in the sharing of this family’s story who has paid the ultimate price. Keep reading to find out what they are doing for this Gold Star Family.

Here is Their Story

Special Forces Staff Sergeant, Jeremiah Johnson, and three other American soldiers were killed in an ambush in Niger in October 2017, leaving behind his wife and two daughters.

Special Forces Staff Sergeant, Jeremiah Johnson pictured second on the left.

A month before he deployed, he bought his oldest daughter, Addie, a used 1998 Ford F150.  After experiencing this tragic loss, and needing financial and emotional support, they moved to Tennessee to be closer to their family.  While some community members pulled together some necessities needed for the house, Addie’s vehicle is in need of some major repairs and is not safe for her to drive.  When Jeremiah’s Dad, JW (served 22 years in the Marines), suggested it was time to get a different vehicle, she was devastated and said she just could not part with the last thing her Dad gave her.

The Mission

Here’s where we, as a community, all come in.  Years ago, JW was a sniper instructor for Ross and they remained friends ever since.  JW shared this heartache with Ross, who then contacted Trinity Oaks.  Even though it was out of the normal realm of Trinity’s focus, they knew they needed to help.

Volunteers then drove to Tennessee and told Addie they were going to take it to a local shop to have some repairs made.  In true Trinity spirit, it was a much bigger surprise and a special honor to the family.  The truck has been completely redone inside and out.  They also purchased a used truck for Addie’s younger sister, Elisa, who will be turning 16 soon.

On top of the help with vehicles, the family was flown to Texas, for Memorial weekend, as guests were able to relax and attend Cody Johnson’s concert in New Braunfels.  During the concert, the girls were surprised and presented with their trucks as a tribute and thanks for the sacrifices Jeremiah and his family have made for the country.  Members of Jeremiah’s team were also there to honor them.

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