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Checking in on the Wildland Firefighter Foundation

Wildland Firefighters Aided by Papa John's Pizza Promotion

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps provide immediate financial and crisis assistance not only to injured firefighters but also to the families of wildland firefighters killed in the line of duty. Wildland firefighters consist of private-sector firefighters, local, federal and state firefighters, volunteers of small rural towns and communities in the United States as well as interface firefighters. All of these brave firefighters train and work endlessly to keep all of our lands protected.

Photo courtesy of Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF) Facebook

Wildland Firefighter Foundation partners with several companies to show appreciation and bring awareness to wildland firefighters. Cowboy Lifestyle Network works closely with Coors Banquet to not only promote their “Protect Our West” program, but we help spread the word about what this organization does for the wildland firefighter community.ย 

Wildland Firefighter - King Fire

Wildland Firefighter at King Fire

In 1994 the Wildland Firefighter Foundation was first initially a group of volunteers. This group was formed after the tragedy of Storm King. The tragedy was the South Canyon Fire that took place on Storm King Mountain near Glenwood Springs, Colorado which killed 14 firefighters on July 6, 1994. The South Canyon Fire started on July 2, 1994 and was out on July 11, 1994 which in total burned down 2,115 acres-the fire was caused by lightning. This wildfire made people more aware and wanting to help prevent so many deaths like this from happening again. In 1999 the Wildland Firefighter Foundation became official from lots of dedication and hard work from volunteers.ย 

Coors Banquet fundraiser again benefits Wildland Firefighter Foundation

ย Wildland Firefighter Foundation Facts

  • Shows acknowledgement and respect to honor every single past, present and future wildland firefighter.ย ย 
  • Partners with different companies to prepare safety messages and work to prevent deaths in the line of duty.ย 
  • Responds right away to an incident of a wildland firefighter who has fallen or obtained an injury in the line of duty.ย 
  • Telling the story of the fallen wildland firefighter to make others aware and to prevent the situation from happening again.ย 

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation will continue to grow and achieve goals. The foundation will continue to seek out organizations and agencies to do a collaboration with to distribute safety messages to prevent fallen and injured firefighters. The foundation will continue to build partnerships with the community to make the community aware of the foundation and what it has to offer. The foundation ensures it is able to help with financial assistance, deliver programs and services to the families of injured and fallen firefighters. The Wildland Firefighter Foundation will continue to show acknowledgment and respect to honor every single past, present and future wildland firefighter.ย 

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