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Vexil Brand Highlight: Tanner Green

Welcome to the final article in our Vexil Brand Highlight Series. We have had a stellar run with several different athletes and individuals across the board and we can’t wait to share this last one with you. For our last piece, we were able to sit down with Tanner Green who just so happens to be the grandson of 5x World Champion and All-Around Cowboy, Phil Lyne. Still young in his career, Tanner gives a ton of the credit to where he is today to his grandfather. Hope you enjoy it!

CLN: Can you fill in our audience a little bit more about your background in rodeo and what your experience was like growing up in a rodeo family?

Tanner: My experience growing up was pretty good but by the time I started rodeoing, I was really the only one in my family that was doing it. By that time my dad and Phil had stopped rodeoing, so it was really more about helping me get down the road to junior rodeos.

Credit to Jackie Jensen Photography

CLN: Your grandfather is the legendary, all-around 5x World Champion Phil Lyne, can you dive a little deeper on what kind of influence he had on you growing up?

Tanner: He has literally taught me everything I know about roping, winning, losing, learning from my mistakes and learning how to get better at what I do. I send him videos all the time and he tells me what I need to do different. He’s been a huge influence on my roping.

CLN: Additionally, what role did he play in shaping your career?

Tanner: He taught me how to win, how to learn from my mistakes. He always tells me that I can’t let me high’s get too high and my low’s get too low. He’s been the main influence in my career up to this point.

Larry Mahan, Chad Berger and Phil Lyne

CLN: You’re currently competing in team roping, steer roping and tie down roping, do you plan to add any other events to your roster?

Tanner: I am going to try to stick to just those. I kind of slowed down on the steer roping this summer, so I could focus more on the tie down and team roping. I plan to start back up on the steer roping this fall but I want to see how the summer goes. Other than those three, I don’t plan on adding any other events as of right now.

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CLN: What’s been your proudest accomplishment to date?

Tanner: My proudest accomplishment to date would probably be winning Red Bluff Rodeo or maybe setting the arena record at the circuit finals back in 2019 in calf roping.

Christy Burleson Photography

CLN: Besides stepping into your grandfather’s boots, what other goals do you have that you hope to accomplish?

Tanner: Truthfully, my main goal is to get as many NFR gold buckles as possible.

CLN: What is something that motivates and keeps pushing you to be better?

Tanner: Honestly, it’s how winning makes me feel. It’s a great feeling to know that you’ve worked your butt off and beat out the other guys that showed up. I keep my edge up by watching tons of videos and practicing all the time. You also have to have the confidence in everything you do, which is something that’s earned and practiced rather than just a mindset.

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CLN: What is the best advice you can give to an aspiring roper or rodeo athlete?

Tanner: For someone that is just starting, you need to go to someone who knows what they are doing and knows what they are talking about. You also can’t be too hard-headed when it comes to asking for help. Some things you need to take with a grain of salt, but if it makes sense, try it and see if it works for you.

CLN: What has it been like having Shawn, with Vexil Brand, on your side? How has that helped your career?

Tanner: Shawn is great, he is always there when I need something. The Vexil Brand has helped a ton as well and Shawn helped me get YETI as a sponsor, which was huge. They have all helped me get down the road and for that, I couldn’t be more thankful.


VEXIL is a brand built on the cowboy and cowgirl lifestyle. Some were born into it and others were just drawn to it but regardless of what lead us to this life, it is now forever branded upon our souls. From the sound of creaking leather as we climb into our saddles to the banging of metal as bulls and horses are loaded in the chutes, the small details of this life become the spark that fuels our passion. It’s really sad that the majority of this world’s population will never get to see what we see or know what we know. Outsiders will never understand our lives but that really doesn’t concern us. We will keep being who we are because that is what we know and all we care to know. We will be strong, we will be courageous, we will BE COWBOYS.

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