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Western Fashion Boutiques to Shop From in 2021

New year, new you! Or at least a new wardrobe! If you’re looking for some new items for your closet, let me help you out by sharing some of my favorite western fashion boutiques! Each of these boutiques has a style that is uniquely their own, which is great because you’re likely to find something regardless of your own personal style. Take a look and let me know which ones are your favorite!

Lil Bee’s Bohemian

Lil Bee’s Bohemian was started by Kelli Tracyย  and according to the website is,

“a reflection of her personal style- California bohemian vibes that got roped in by the cowgirls… adding in a little western flare!”

Boasting to be able to dress you head to tow for any festival or rodeo, you can find boots, fringe, crochet, and denim in this boutique. One thing we love about all the western fashion boutiques is their ability to create their own style with the pieces they carry. Lil Bee’s has branched out to carry some unique pieces of their own now being able to wholesome their items to other shops as well. But don’t worry, you can still buy directly from their online shop or catch them at a local show.

The Fringed Pineapple

Just as you can expect from the name, if you’re looking for a boutique to create a style that is all your own, then you found the right place for you. Based in Idaho and founded by owner, Dani, the Fringed Pineapple,

“is a mix of Gypsy,boho, western, all mixed into one….. life is short dress to impress — YOURSELF.”

You might be wondering what fringe and pineapple have in common to come together for the name of this boutique. Well, the story started when Dani the owner, followed her dream, and started theFRINGEDpineapple in 2017. Pineapple is the name of Dani’s dream paint horse that she had wanted since she was a little girl, at that time, everything fell into place as it should and the Fringed Pineapple was born!


Classy Cowgirl Co.


Classy Cowgirl Co. is a small town boutique that specializes in western chic apparel, accessories, and gifts. You can find most items in sizes XS-3X and you can be sure that you are getting everything new in western fashion. If you are looking for a brick and mortar store, this boutique checks that mark as well, being located just north of Beaver, OK, you can stop in any day that they are open and shop off the racks. Not local to Oklahoma? No worries, their website and Facebook page can do the trick as well!

Southern Fried Chics

If you are looking for a one of a kind dress, then you have found the right boutique! Although not necessarily known for their dresses, Southern Fried Chics is your home for the trendiest, fashion-forward boutique clothing with a Southern charm twist. They also carry every style of womenโ€™s tops, tees, bottoms, and womenโ€™s outerwear at fantastic prices!

Have a favorite boutique that isn’t listed? Drop it in a comment below!


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