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Women of the Western Industry: Charmayne James

On this next installment of the Women of the Western Industry series, we will be learning more about Charmayne, her clinics, and her advice to the barrel racers who look up to her. Charmayne James, widely regarded as the most famous barrel racer of all-time, has never been one to shy away from breaking records. With her 10 consecutive world titles aboard Gills Bay Boy β€œScamper,” and coming back in 2002 to win another world title on Cruisin on Six “Cruiser,” Charmayne has set the bar high and given today’s aspiring barrel racers a role model to look up to.

Stacey: How did you initially become involved in barrel racing?

Charmayne: I grew up in Clayton, a small town in northeastern New Mexico. My dad owned a commercial cattle feeding operation, which is initially how I got my start in the industry as I was always around horses. Growing up, all I cared about was horses and riding. My dad was a great horseman and his respect for livestock was passed on to me.

Stacey: You’ve accomplished incredible feats; what accomplishment are you the proudest of?

Charmayne: Winning 10 consecutive world titles on Scamper and having the knowledge to keep him at a place where he could compete at such a high level for so long. Another huge accomplishment would be coming back and winning an 11th world title on Cruiser, as that proved that it wasn’t just on Scamper that I could win a world title.

Stacey: Tell me more about your work with Total Feeds.

Charmayne: My dad was in the feedlot business and was an expert at providing horses with the proper nutrition to sustain them. Later on, I was searching for feed that matched what I was used to using, and I came across Dr. Anderson of Total Feeds; I never looked back from there.

Stacey: Tell me more about your clinics and how to become involved.

Charmayne: I teach the fundamentals at my clinics. I address problems such as a horse’s rear end swinging out around barrels, and I also help participants learn how to properly take care of their horses. A huge asset to the clinic is having Mark Allen, a phenomenal equine dentist, come out to discuss equine dental hygiene. Additionally, I teach the power of having a positive attitude, good energy, and having the resources to move beyond personal issues that could impact riding ability.

Stacey: What is the best advice you can give aspiring barrel racers who look up to you?

Charmayne: In barrel racing, it’s important to focus on attitude and to not become wrapped up in the drama. Having a strong work ethic and knowing your fundamentals is always important. Also, knowing that you always should be thinking outside the box is essential to being successful in this industry.

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