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What is Bull Riding?

When we think modern rodeo, most often our mind thinks to cowboys trying to remain atop a bucking bull.

It is funny then, the event which is most synonymous with American rodeo was actually borrowed from Mexican culture. Modern Bull Riding as we know it actually traces itself back to an event called Charreada which was a series of ranching and equestrian competitions.

This history and process of how modern Bull Riding was derived from this are too long to mention here. To tell it short, these events were developed and evolved over time until finally in 1936 the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) was formed.

This body solidified was modern Bull Riding was to be about and made the event a mainstay of its numerous annual rodeo competitions across the country.

Bull Riding, has been called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports” and for good reason. Half of all traumatic injuries to rodeo contestants are made up by Bull Riding injuries. There are numerous risks involved from having bones dislocated to back bring broken to being trampled or gored by the animal.

A typical Bull Riding round consists of a cowboy atop a bucking bull. The cowboy wears a specially made glove to prevent rope burn and provide better grip. He grips on to the rope which is tied in such a way that provokes the bull to buck his hind feet.

The goal is to stay atop the bull for 8 seconds and if your free hand touches the bull or yourself then it counts as null.

If you too want to witness the sport before your eyes then come down to any of the numerous rodeo events held throughout the year.

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