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What is Bullfighters Only (BFO)?

Bullfighting, as is commonly understood, is the Spanish sport where a matador fights a bull by sticking spears and other pointed objects in it until it collapses, tires or dies.

It is one of the most controversial sports in today’s age with the global public opinion increasingly turning against it. American bullfighting, however, despite the name shares no such roots with it and developed completely differently.

Bullfighters Only BFO - Photo Courtesy of Brewer Bull Photos

Photo Courtesy of Brewer Bull Photos

Bullfighters Only was developed based on the mechanics and tactics of rodeo clowns in bull riding who attempted to get the bull’s attention to get it bucking or get the bull rider to safety. They employed and employ a variety of twists, turns, evades and jumps to pull this off.

This dazzling contortion of the body in a risky game to attract yet avoid the bull is what led to ‘freestyle bullfighting’ being formed. This in its modern context is what is referred to as American Bullfighting.

Bullfighters Only BFO Photo: © Todd Brewer

Photo: © Todd Brewer

As with many other rodeo events, a body developed too for freestyle bullfighting. This body is called the Bullfighters Only (BFO). It collaborates with the PRCA and holds its events at the many PRCA sanctioned rodeo events throughout the country. The Bullfighters Only World Championship is held during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (WNFR) at the Tropicana Las Vegas every year and represents the best in freestyle bullfighting from every corner coming to compete.

Scoring is based on 50 points for the bullfighter and 50 points for the bull, the score has to be accumulated in a total time of 60 seconds or 1 minute; in which, the fighter can tap out at the 40-second mark.

Bullfighters Only BFO

BFO Bullfighters Only is growing each and every year with more appearances throughout the country. BFO is an extremely innovate company that pushes forward with incredible digital content on their website and social media channels. Bullfighters Only represents the best of the American spirit. Updating and modernizing the old to keep the spirit while bringing it in line with modern values.

Schedule your tickets today and come witness, this feat of man vs. animal this year.

Bullfighters Only BFO at Rodeo Scottsdale in 2019

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