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Wildland Firefighter Foundation Partnership with Coors Banquet

Coors and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation starts a major fundraising campaign to help families receive financial support when they need it during the most difficult of times.

When it comes to true American heroes, one occupation that has plenty of them is firefighting. And as those in this occupation know, few firefighters are as brave as those who battle wildfires. Whether it’s in the mountains or the middle of a deciduous forest, these firefighters go above and beyond the call of duty in an effort to protect the environment as well as people living in these areas.

POW Truck WFF Display Prescott Rodeo 2014
POW Truck WFF Display Prescott Rodeo 2014
Protect Our West

However, despite their best efforts at staying safe, some firefighters are injured or perish while attempting to save lives. As a result, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation in conjunction with Coors Banquet Beer have come together to provide support and assistance to those who need and deserve it the most.

Television and Radio Spots

North West Wildfires

To help spread the message of the bravery these men and women display every day, Coors Banquet is creating a variety of television and radio spots that will air across the United States. As its mission statement reads, “Coors is a selfless American company with heart and patriotism that puts America’s heroes, the land, and you first.” In addition to the television and radio spots, a number of other public relations avenues will be used, including the peer community, Cowboy Lifestyle Network.

The Drive for Donations

The Danger Of Wild Fires

To help people become more aware of the dangers involved in firefighting, Coors Banquet and the Wildland Firefighter Foundation are working together to highlight the bravery and heroism unique to these special people. As a result, Coors is actively seeking action photos as well as video footage of what it’s like to be on the front lines fighting fires. Hoping to show the intensity and danger with this type of firefighting, Coors wants to begin a major fundraising campaign to help families receive financial support when they need it during the most difficult of times.

Stories of Heroism

Along with action photos and video footage of the fires they fought, firefighters are also encouraged to submit short stories of the dangers they encountered along the way. Whether it’s talking about a person, animal, or structure they saved, these 30-second stories can be both inspirational and informative. Because this work can be done in the most extreme of environments, those who submit stories should remember that photos showing sweat and dirt are fine, since they showcase the reality of the dangers associated with the job.

As the Wildland Firefighter Foundation partners with Coors to assist firefighters and their families, there’s little doubt the heroism and bravery associated with this profession will shine through each and every day.

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