Wildland Firefighter Foundation offers help to those fighting California wildfires

Photo credit: Facebook @BackCountry
Photo credit: Facebook @BackCountry

Reports of the tragic California wildfires have filled news feeds and shocked thousands.

One of these blazes, the Carr Fire in Redding, resulted from a flat tire. Sparks from the flat tire ignited what is now the sixth-most destructive wildfire in California history, according to Cal Fire. A CNN update from August 5 notes that this fire is responsible for seven deaths and has scorched more than 145,000 acres. It was the deadliest of the California fires this summer so far.

Based in Boise, Idaho, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation provides help to families of firefighters who lose their lives or become injured in blazes just like this one. So far, the Carr Fire is responsible for two firefighter fatalities and four firefighter injuries. In addition, at least 13 firefighters have lost their own homes while fighting this blaze.

Photo credit: Facebook @BackCountry
Photo credit: Facebook @BackCountry

This summer, more firefighters were deployed in California than in any other time in the state’s history, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Firefighters from at least a dozen other US states came and continue to come to help fight the California fires, along with members of the military, National Guard and inmates.

During fires like these, help from the Wildland Firefighter Foundation could include assistance in replacing lost wages during a firefighter’s medical leave. The group has also flown family members to the bedsides of hospitalized firefighters.

The Foundation needs your help to support these brave firefighters. You can donate directly from the home page of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. You can also provide support by drinking Coors Banquet beer. For every Coors Banquet case or case equivalent sold, Coors donates 25 cents to this organization through the Protect Our West campaign.

Coors Banquet fundraiser again benefits Wildland Firefighter FoundationThis annual campaign started in May and ends in early September, and is available in Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. It has raised more than $1 million for the Wildland Firefighter Foundation since its start four years ago, according to the MillerCoors website.

As we watch and hope for the California wildfires to be extinguished, remember to support the Wildland Firefighter Foundation through Coors Banquet purchases and other donations!

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