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Credit: Gary Leffew


Legend World Champ Bull Rider: Gary Leffew’s Secret to Outliving Everyone

As we get older, it’s inevitable that our bodies will have wear and tear. Our body is a temple that we take on this journey. Most importantly, it’s how you take care of yourself – we only have one body in this life. I got to sit down with the legendary PRCA World Champion Bull Rider and Guru, Gary Leffew, and hear his testimony of how important it is to take care of yourself. He shared his experiences and how he’s incorporated Life Armor Labs products into his daily lifestyle. Most importantly Leffew emphasized the importance of taking care of one’s body and mind to maintain overall well-being and the tools he’s used to help his journey.

Credit: Gary Leffew

Introducing Gary Leffew

Before we dive into Life Armor Labs, I want to give you a little more insight on legendary, Gary Leffew. Not only is Leffew a former World Champion Bull Rider, but he’s also a PRCA Hall of Fame Inductee, 8 time NFR qualifier, NFR average winner, and a former Bull Riding Director of the PRCA. Leffew has now opened his very own, Gary Leffew Bull Riding School where he’s produced more PBR, PRCA Canadian, NHSRA Champions, and Finals qualifiers than any other bull riding school in the nation. Leffew’s mentality is through unique, progressive, and holistic training techniques. There simply is not another school of it’s kind. On top of Leffew’s Bull Riding School, he is very regimented in his health and fitness. Leffew is staying active, working out daily, maintaining a healthy well-balanced diet, and getting enough sleep each night.

Credit: Gary Leffew

Life Armor Labs is Innovation at its Finest

Gary Leffew was the perfect candidate for Life Armor Labs, and he couldn’t have said better things about his experience with Life Armor Labs products. Life Armor Labs is an exclusive DNA BioEnergetic™ technology that has been added to their products. Each product provides immediate biofield enhancement, increasing energetic field strength and size, making the body more impervious to external stressors like EMF, WiFi, 5G, etc. Each item is handmade and includes a single DNA BioEnergetic Powercell. Most of the products are either waterproof or water-resistant.

Credit: Gary Leffew

The Man Behind Life Armor Labs

Carl “Buzz” Thompson from Life Armor Labs stated, “DNA wave-form information is best delivered or experienced via simultaneous multi-sensory applications. Unique multi-sensory applications are available exclusively via our energetically enhanced solutions for all senses. Our unique nature based solutions have been proven by millions of satisfied users over the past 25 years in Japan. Though discovered in the U.S., with primary research and validation conducted in the U.S. the creators of this unique waveform bioenergetic delivery system, did not feel the U.S. market was ready for bioenergetic solutions until now.”

Pictured: Left to Right, Gary Leffew, Fallon Taylor, & Carl “Buzz” Thompson - Credit: Carl “Buzz” Thompson
Pictured: Left to Right, Gary Leffew, Fallon Taylor, & Carl “Buzz” Thompson – Credit: Carl “Buzz” Thompson

Credit: Gary Leffew

Gary Leffew’s Testimony

Q 1. How do you manage injuries or physical wear and tear from your career?

Leffew: “The main thing is trying to eat right and exercise. I had a problem that my shoulder was detached and it was going to have to be operated on. During that time I couldn’t exercise, I was out of shape. I couldn’t do one pushup or one pull up. That had really bothered me because I had always stayed in really good shape. The big turnaround for me was when I tried out the Life Armor Labs Bracelet. My shoulder grew back and it quit hurting. The one amazing things about this is my aches and pains went away. You can imagine twenty years of riding bulls of what my body was like. I don’t know what this stuff does, but it makes them go away. Once they went away, I was able to exercise, now I’m in incredible shape. There probably aren’t very many 79 year olds around that are in better shape than me.”

Each morning Leffew does three sets of thirty-five push-ups, he does a set of twelve, ten then eight pull-ups each morning as well. Pull-ups are a difficult exercise in general especially when you’re 79 years old. Leffew believes that these Life Armor Labs products are the reason why he’s in such incredible shape.

Credit: Gary Leffew

Q 2. When it comes to health, what do you know now, 79, that you wish you knew at 35?

Leffew: “These products from Life Armor Labs that Buzz introduced to me is outstanding and wish I would’ve known about it sooner. Life Armor Labs is a form of Japanese technology and the Japanese are known for being the longest living people in the world. I wear the two bracelets one on each wrist and a pendent necklace religiously from Life Armor Labs. Along with daily exercise and eating healthy. I also got hooked on this spray called Bio-Protective Hydrating Power Mist from Life Armor Labs where I was having hair loss and it’s grown back! It’s not only great for my hair but also my skin. This stuff has done miracles for my skin making it look younger and miracles for my hair – I love this stuff!”

Credit: Gary Leffew

The spray has the same technology as the other products but it only lasts for five hours. He also sprayed it on his skin and noticed a dramatic change. Leffew had swelling, redness, and scaliness on his skin and it had gone away shortly after using the spray religiously. Not only did Leffew notice a change but other people started noticing a change in his skin. He’s gotten many compliments saying his skin looks younger.

Credit: Gary Leffew
Credit: Gary Leffew

One thing Leffew mentioned about the bracelets and pendants is that you should take them off when it’s time to go to sleep and put them back on in the morning. Otherwise, if you keep them on at night you won’t be able to sleep, you’ll be wired. These products give you more energy than what you are.

Credit: Gary Leffew

Q 3. What advice would you give to others, especially those over 50, about staying active?

Leffew: “I have a song that I religiously play every morning – it’s Toby Keith’s song, “Don’t Let the Old Man In”. This song is motivation for me to jump up and do my push ups and go out and do my pull-ups. I remind myself that inactivity in people who are constantly inactive die no matter how healthy they were when they retire. Retirement is saying I’m going to die soon because your mind needs stimulants. You need to be getting out of bed everyday with an agenda and do something you’re very passionate about that you’re working towards.

When you’re progressively working towards a goal, you’re getting out of bed with passion, you’re getting out of bed working towards something, and you’re excited about it. That keeps you young, but when you run out of things to be excited about it starts doing a reversal in your mind and body. Then your body says I’m no longer needed here and so it goes away.

Credit: Gary Leffew

The universe is made up of vibrations, when we get excited we send out positive vibrations that attract the people in circumstances into our lives that we need to make our goals become a reality. On the other end of it, if you’re constantly negative and complaining you’re sending out a negative vibration. It just keeps hitting you – one bad thing after another will happen to you when you’re sending out negative vibrations. Once you start thinking good thoughts then you start getting excited about something that you feel passionate about. Good things then start attracting in your life.”

Pictured: Left to Right, Gary Leffew & Carl “Buzz” Thompson - Credit: Carl “Buzz” Thompson
Pictured: Left to Right, Gary Leffew & Carl “Buzz” Thompson – Credit: Carl “Buzz” Thompson

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