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Let’s Go to the Auction! The Excitement of Phoenix’s WSM Auctioneers

The exciting business of buying and selling goods is all the rage these days. In fact, selling at auction is the fastest, most efficient means to convert assets into cash.

Let's Go to the Auction! The Excitement of Phoenix's WSM Auctioneers

Selling to the world with WSM Auctioneers

The exciting business of buying and selling goods is all the rage these days. In fact, selling at auction is the fastest, most efficient means to convert assets into cash.

Auction 2nd Saturday of Each Month All Year
WSM Auctioneers
1616 S 67th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85043

Saturday April 13th, 2019
Saturday May 11th, 2019
Saturday June 8th, 2019

Gates Open at 6 A.M.
Auction Starts at 8 A.M.

Visit WSM Auctioneers

Whether you’re a fan of the History Channel’s “American Pickers”, or the wildly popular “Pawn Stars”, it’s no doubt that tracking sales and resales of antiques and collectibles is a very entertaining pastime.

However, these shows have nothing over on WSM Auctioneers!

WSM specializes in municipal, utility, and construction equipment including – but not limited to – utility trucks, heavy equipment, building materials, filtering systems, tools and manufacturing equipment, and hardware – not just locally, but to the WORLD!
In fact, it’s nothing for this Phoenix, Arizona based business to sell pieces of heavy equipment, bucket trucks, and fleet vehicles to far off and exotic places like the United Emirates, Dubai, and even Jamaica!

The Auction Adventure Begins

The WSM story begins in the early 70’s with a former farmer and steel worker, John Cadzow, Sr – who had a passion for a good auction. He bought and sold on a handshake. He began with a small team, and worked with a big commitment to build a reputation of “fair and honest dealing”; and has continuously provided licensed auction services to individuals, corporations, and municipalities since day one.

WSM has continuously provided licensed auction services to individuals, corporations and municipalities since 1971.

John, Sr began his 40 plus year WSM journey with just a few contracts and a three acre tract of ground in Phoenix, Arizona. He took John, Jr with him on that journey – instilling the attributes of hard work and ethics on a daily basis – step by step, day by day – into his son.
In 2002, John Cadzow, Jr was well-prepared to take the WSM reins. And since that day, John, Jr has relished in continuing the tradition of meeting and exceeding the expectations of their customers that his beloved father began.

Save $$$ Or Make $$$ With WSM Auctioneers

WSM Auctioneers now sells 90% of their product based from contracts; many of which have been renewed time and again over a 30-year period – which is basically unheard of nowadays.They have anywhere between 800-1200 registered bidders, with 32.8% successful off site bidding.
WSM maintains a strong presence in the market by successfully fulfilling major contracts with many Arizona counties including Maricopa, as well as big companies like CenturyLink.
John Jr has also learned to “roll with the punches”, surviving smaller profit margins, the move to more online bidding, and a very tech-savvy customer. He thinks outside of the Phoenix “box” and has his eye on the world.

 10 Acres Of Auction in Phoenix, AZ

WSM has a monthly live auction, on the second Saturday of every month, with consumable goods, equipment, vehicles, and other materials and hardware onsite on their expanded 10 acre lot in the southewest corner of Phoenix in Estrella Village. They are open for viewing Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m.
They provide free parking with no additional charges for loading/unloading product.

In a world that’s fraught with short-term relationships and complicated contracts, it’s a breath of fresh air to speak with John Cadzow, Jr.
John and his wife Shelly, are both hands-on business owners. Each successful in running their own businesses. In his, John works with a small team of individuals and provide a wealth of services and goods. John enjoys his two stepsons Gunnar and Gage; and plans to have Gage carry on the tradition of meeting and exceeding WSM customer expectations well into the future.
Perhaps it is John Cadzow Sr’s roots in agriculture and the steel industry that keeps this strong family grounded in the tradition of doing business that’s good for everyone – time and again.

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