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YETI’s Ties to the Western Industry

YETI was created in 2006 with the simple mission of creating a cooler that could be used for everyday use and hold up to life’s adventures. They have since branched out to create a range of products that are made to support the American lifestyle, whether that be fishing, hunting, ranching, rodeo, or really anything that has to do with the outdoors. The story we want to share with you today is how YETI started its journey in the western industry and where that story is today.

Let’s go back to 2015 when YETI hired Cory Wiese to begin their involvement in the western industry. Wanting to get into the industry the right way, the company started by sponsoring just a few rodeo athletes that could proudly wear the infamous YETI patch. The very first athlete to accept an ambassador position was PRCA Steer Wrestler, Luke Branquinho, who continues to rep and live the brand to this day. At that time, YETI also brought on several PBR ambassadors such as JB Mauney, Chase Outlaw, and Reese Cates. Having started their journey with ambassadors only in the PRCA and PBR, they have now expanded to include athletes and individuals from a wide range of ranch and rodeo backgrounds such as the barrel racing industry, youth rodeos, and many more.

“Our growth was strategic and steady, allowing us to build a strong team of western sports ambassadors that are authentic to the brand and genuinely love our products. It also gave us the opportunity to be deliberate about the events and organizations we’ve ultimately aligned with in order to build meaningful relationships within the community. Together, this has fostered strong affinity for our brand and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful for the way this industry has embraced YETI.” – Cory Wiese

Fast forward a couple of years to 2018, Peyton Bennight was brought on to the YETI team to assist in furthering the company’s involvement in the western industry. This isn’t just an additional marketing effort for YETI, they take pride in being well versed in the industry and having folks on board that know the industry like the back of their hand. Not to mention, they truly embrace the “boots on the ground” mentality when it comes to being involved with their ambassadors, events, associations, and industry-related organizations. Their dedication to the community as a whole is astounding because it’s as much their life as it is for the partners they are working with.

One of the most impressive feats about this story is the fact that what you see being done in this community, is also being done in several other communities of ambassadors for YETI, including but not limited to hunting, fishing, beer, BBQ, wellness, and many others. This is just one small slice of the pie that we are sharing with you and we can’t wait to dive into the other stories. YETI prides itself on always evolving with the times and pushing the envelope to create opportunities for all of its events and athletes. Their main focus with their ambassador program is to support the industries that they are so passionate about, in an authentic way.

“YETI is proud to support the western industry and those men and women who embody the ranch and rodeo way of life. We have developed strong relationships within the community and will continue to focus on building authentic connections now and in the future.” – Peyton Bennight

If you could take a snapshot of what YETI’s community outreach looks like now, you would see that they work with a total of 30 ranch and rodeo ambassadors, organizations, events, and associations. They are also proud supporters of PBR, Pro Rodeo, youth rodeo, ranch rodeo, barrel racing, and team roping, along with several other aspects of western life thrown into the mix. You can see some of their partners below.

In closing, YETI’s story with the ranch and rodeo industry mirrors the values that we see within our community, integrity, grit, and a passion for this way of life. It’s no surprise that YETI dedicates so much to these ambassadors and their overall mission of supporting ranch and rodeo. Remember, when you buy YETI, you are buying from a company that is invested in supporting our heritage and those that are on the front lines of keeping the western industry alive.

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