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2015 PBR BlueDEF Velocity Tour Event Calendar and Coverage

The 2015 PBR BlueDEF Velocity Tour interactive Event Calendar & Coverage for the Best Bull Riding in the World.

PBR BlueDef Velocity Tour 2015
PBR BlueDEF Velocity Tour 2January 2015 begins the second year of the annual Professional Bull Riders BlueDEF Velocity Tour. The exclusive bull riding event provides fans with the chance to watch top athletes from across the country exhibit their skills and endurance. But additionally, the unique competition welcomes up-and-coming riders to participate and begin accruing points. Previously, minor league competitors were limited to the number of available events and the option to accumulate points, which included participation in the Touring Pro Division.
PBR BlueDEF Velocity TourIn addition to providing bull riding enthusiasts with more opportunities to attend live competitions, the tour feeds into the qualification requirements for the PBR Built Ford Tough Series. The points awarded are similar to the Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Division. The events also serve as part of the qualification requirements for the Built Ford Tough Series, as points won may then be applied to the series.
BlueDEF-Velocity-Tour-PBRDuring each one or two night event, a designated number of riders will face off with two different bulls. At the end of the event, the rider scoring the highest number of points is deemed the champion. According to the recently revamped point system, riders winning the Blue DEF Velocity Tour, international events or at Touring Pro Division competitions are allowed to compete in the Built Ford Tough Series.
The BFTS provides riders with the chance to win the most points. That series is then followed by the Professional Bull Riders BlueDEF Velocity Tour, any major international events, then the Touring Pro Division, second-level international competitions and lastly, minor-league events.
The 2015 BlueDEF season kicks off on January 10 in Laredo, Texas. The two night event takes place at the Laredo Energy Arena. Some of the many cities hosting the BlueDEF tour in 2015 include:

    • Reno, Nevada
    • Battle Creek, Michigan
    • Detroit, Michigan
    • Salt Lake City, Utah
    • Yakima, Washington
    • Little Rock, Arkansas
    • Portland, Oregon

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PBR-BlueDEF-Velcoity-Tour-2015-(LOGO)The Velocity Tour and AEG combined efforts to create the series that also brings the popular western sport to 20 different cities that normally does not experience the thrill of watching professional bull riders take the eight-second ride. Though relatively new, the tour promises all of the action along with the lighting, sounds and special effects that are commonly associated with the Built Ford Tough Series. CBS also plans on broadcasting some of the events on PBR Live, which represents the first time that audiences will have the chance to see scheduled non-BFTS competitions.
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