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A Whole Lotta Bull With Jerome Davis and Dr. Harry Anderson

A Whole Lotta Bull With Jerome Davis and Dr. Harry Anderson

I’d like to set the stage for our friends over at Total Feeds. The following is an interview between Dr. Harry Anderson, the Founder of Total Feeds, Inc. and Jerome Davis, World Champion Bullrider and Owner/Founder of Davis Bucking Bulls. While not everyone will have a bucking bull in their backyard, they may have other types of critters that this interview applies to in the same way.

Dr. Harry Anderson: Now Jerome, here not too long ago you started using Total Bull on some of your bulls and I know you have some thoughts about that. Tell me what you have seen with your bulls since you started them on Total Bull.

Jerome Davis: Well it’s funny when they came to me about Total Bull, I had always heard about it, kind of seen it, and had it in the back of my mind but never pursued it, you might say. A guy came to me and said, “Look, I want you to put two bulls on this feed for 45 days and you just be the proof of it. You’ll feed them 5 lbs. a day and these bulls will look better.”


Now when he told me that, mind you, my bulls were getting a half a bucket of feed which was 15 lb a day per bull, and now he’s telling me I’m going to feed them 5lb and they’re going to look better.

Dr. Harry Anderson: And you didn’t believe him at the time?

Jerome Davis: I will tell you, I told him he was crazy, to be honest about it. I said I am a hard sell and I’m a pretty straight shooter. I said “If you think I’m going to feed these bulls 5lb and at the end of the day they’re going to look better…I said I’m happy with what I got now, first I want you to realize that. If you’re going to let me try this, I’m going to do it but look I not going to do it with two bulls I want three bulls.

What we did was put it on a bull that was a hard keeper, a bull that I couldn’t put weight on; I put it on a bull that always looked good; then I put it on a bull that was an easy keeper that always stayed fat, you know what I mean? And then I wanted to just feed them bulls. I fed them 7.5lbs in the evening for three bulls that 2.5lb a piece did that twice a day morning and evening that’s 5lb apiece.

We got close to 30 days and your guys had called me and, shooting off the hip we took them to Raleigh, North Carolina. And we bucked those bulls. I’ll tell you we had a lot of people there that day and I was nervous. I did not know what was going to happen. With that being said, the bulls, we had pictures of that day and we were looking at the pictures on the way up and I can see the difference in them already getting close to 30 days.

Dr. Harry Anderson: What were you seeing?

Jerome Davis: The main thing I was seeing in the big bull, he was getting more mainstream, he was getting that muscle that they talked about. The bull that always looked good, he was losing some of that gut we were talking about. The one that was hard to keep the weight on is the one that sold me on the feed. That bull was starting to look bigger in his shoulders and his neck. No big gut in the back end, but I was seeing the muscle come out.

Dr. Harry Anderson: The muscle development without the gut?

Jerome Davis: Yes sir, that what I was seeing and when we bucked them that day those bulls were better than they have ever been. I said I am not believing this! This happened on that day. Then three weeks later we had some two-year old’s on Total Bull, we bucked about 15 of them. Every two year old was better that day but one. 14 of the 15 bulls were better that day and to me, that was a big “sell” on the feed.

To say that the 5lb worked, it did. And still to this day on those bulls I’m seeing that muscle come across their back and hips. I’m just a big believer in it. And the more I learn about this feed, how you feed it and how it empties out that back gut…anyone that bucks bulls, knows that the less weight they carry back there, they’re going to get up off the ground and we’re going to get that kick which could result in that quarter of a point, that half a point, and that’s the $2k difference in that paycheck. And to me, I’m looking for that edge, and Total Bull is that edge that I found. I probably shouldn’t even be on here giving this away, then everyone else will know about it and beat me!

There you have it folks, straight from the bull’s, I mean, Jerome’s mouth. If you want to catch the full interview, you can do so below! For more information on Total Bull and the whole of line of Total Feeds products, make sure to head on over to their website or Facebook page for more information.

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