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CLN Insider: Hobby Horse Clothing Company

I am excited to be doing this CLN Insider on Hobby Horse Clothing Company! If y’all are unfamiliar with Hobby Horse and their story, you’re in for a treat. This story starts with Kristin Titov, newly appointed CEO of Hobby Horse Clothing and her passion for the western industry. Kristin’s story started when she was just a young girl, showing horses and getting fitted for her own Hobby Horse Clothing.

When she was old enough, she started modeling and then was brought on to Hobby Horse to help with their marketing and just recently, she was offered the leadership position a lifetime, Chief Executive Officer. The reins were handed over to her and from there it is her goal to bring together fashion and functionality to western wear in order to take Hobby Horse Clothing to new levels.

Kristin’s love for horses, showing, training and the western industry as a whole makes her the perfect candidate to take on the role of CEO. From the time that she was just seven years old, she was in the “Hobby World”. There’s a quote that Kristin shares that describes her journey with Hobby Horse perfectly,

β€œHaving been involved with the brand, as a child getting my first horse and starting to show, all the way till today as I’m showing in the highest level of the NRHA Competition, all in my Hobby Horse, gives me a unique perspective to able to bring the brand to a new generation.”

That passion has only grown in the 30 years she’s spent in and around the company, from being a consumer to running the company, Hobby Horse is destined for great things. Here’s a quick snapshot of just some of the products they offer.

Show Apparel

Today, they offer a variety of show clothes from chaps to tops and everything in between. What puts Hobby Horse a step above the rest is that most of their show tops have saddle blankets that are designed to match perfectly for the complete look. Hobby Horse partnered up with Greeley Hat Works to design the Greeley Premium Hat several fantastic colors with a subtle double welt stitching on the brim to complete any outfit. But the most important thing about Hobby Horse Show Clothing is that they craft apparel to make you look good in just about any western event from reining, to breakaway roping, to western pleasure, to ranch riding and everything in between.

Casual Apparel

T-shirts and casual attire are a must when it comes to getting chores done around the barn or before a show. Hobby Horse has an entire line of casual clothing for those looking to dress down when they aren’t in the ring. Ranging from cute, graphic tees to jeans and caps, Hobby Horse has everything you need for a fashion-forward, but casual look.


At the end of the day, you can be confident that you are buying from a company that is as invested in your goals as you are. Between functionality and standing out in the arena, Hobby Horse Clothing Company should be your go-to for any and all performance wear. You can check out their full lineup on their website and follow them on social media. Make sure to keep an eye out for further features on this great company.

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