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YETI’s Athlete Highlight of the Month: Stetson Wright

With Wrangler National Finals rounded out and this cowboy heading home with not one, but TWO championships under his belt, what better time to do a YETI Athlete Highlight on none other than Stetson Wright. We are thankful enough to have gotten a few words from him before he went into full-on game mode for the NFR. We are excited to watch this young champion step into the boots of his family legacy. Stetson is the first in his family to add bull riding to the list of events that the Wright family has competed in.

We asked Stetson what his favorite accomplishment was to date and we expected him to mention his World Championship last year, but he added something additional to that, check it out below. We are also sure that we can add his latest accomplishments as well, but it’s great that being a dad is at the top of his list.

Winning my all-around title in 2019 but being a dad is my number one best accomplishment.

We are also dying to know how he prepared for this year’s NFR, it obviously paid off! This year’s event looked a little bit different, but we didn’t expect the preparation to look any different. So Stetson, how did you prepare for the 2020 NFR?

I have been working out and doing some strength training as well as mental training and tried to self-quarantine so I didn’t risk catching the dreaded Covid before the finals.

Everybody starts somewhere and we always like to ask our athletes what kind of advice they have for aspiring rodeo athletes. This was Stetson’s response and we can’t help but agree with him!

Always believe in your dreams and your goals no matter how big they are or how unachievable they may seem to others. If you don’t believe in yourself how can anyone else!

Wrapping our interview with Stetson, we were curious about the plans that this cowboy has for the future. In typical Wright fashion, he said he was looking for triple crown titles for the next five years. You’re well on your way to winning that title and you’ve got our support the whole way!

A huge thanks to YETI for this athlete highlight. We asked Stetson one final question about his partnership with YETI and involvement in the western industry, these are his closing thoughts.

Yeti is such a great company that I am so honored to be in partnership with. They and their products are top-notch and I am so honored to wear their patch when I compete and I really love all of their products! I use them when I am at home and also while I am out on the rodeo trail!

For more on the Wright family, check out this short film from YETI.

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