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Mitch Pollack’s Backyard Bronc Bash & Fundraiser for JR Vezain


A Benefit Helping Parapalegic Bareback Rider JR Vezain Get Robotic Legs

In 2018, at a late regular season rodeo, Wyoming PRCA cowboy JR Vezain suffered a freak, flip-over accident in the bareback riding that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Today, he’s reached more people with his message of positivity, courage and hope from his wheelchair than a gold buckle platform could have ever provided. The bucking horse community’s non-profit Bronc Riding Nation has set a $100,000 goal to get Vezain up on a new pair of robotic legs.

With $26,000 pledged and $74,000 yet to raise, today, JR Vezain having passed all the strict physical criteria required for eligibility for INDEGO Robotic Legs, the fitting happened. Ongoing fundraising efforts have been well received by rodeo committees, stock contractors and rodeo’s traditional corporate sponsors. Individuals are chipping in at, craftsmen are donating their exquisite work to the live and silent auction while others are donating experiences such as vacation housing and destination packages.

The Second Annual Mitch Pollock’s Backyard Bronc Bash will be held on October 1, 2021, at Pollock’s Arena in Twin Falls, Idaho. The Pollock’s are donating a healthy portion of their proceeds to #JRsLEGS. Chancey Williams Band is hosting a singer/songwriter’s picking contest to open their after-party show. A dance contest is planned. Wrangler Network will stream the event that features George Veater’s (@zerogravitygeorge) genius videographer, Meng Lee (MakeLine Productions). Backyard Bronc Match has $15,000 added and the winner gets 15 quality, bred heifers.

CLN Community & Event Sponsor

Lori O'Harver is a woman on a mission to tell the stories of the world without borders known as Bronc Riding Nation. From the vast grasslands the great bucking horses call home to the bright lights of Las Vegas, where good ones buck and the people called to ride them come to make their high flying dreams come true, she writes about the horses and people who feel the spirit of freedom and devote their lives to keeping the legends alive.

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