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Cargill’s Record Rack and Trinity Oaks Team up for Veterans and First Responders

Your Time is Running Out to Nominate Your Hero!
September 12th Deadline!

As proud supporters of veterans and first responders, Cowboy Lifestyle Network is proud to be partnering with Sportman’s Choice & Record Rack Feed to help promote Bucks for the Brave Heroes Hunt, proudly produced by Record Rack, on November 11-15, 2021. This program was developed to support heroes, share their stories, and unite us all in honoring and recognizing their service to our great nation. But time is running out to nominate the hero in your life! The deadline for nominations is September 12th! Read more below on how Bucks for the Brave and Trinity Oaks are honoring our nation’s heroes.

Every veteran and retired first responder deserves to be celebrated and honored. And that is exactly what Record Rack and Trinity Oaks are doing with the Bucks for the Brave Program. If this is your first time hearing about the Bucks for the Brave, here’s a little insight.

About Record Rack’s Bucks for the Brave Heroes Hunt

The men and women that served in our armed forces and as first responders, had jobs that required them to be willing to sacrifice their own lives every day, to protect or save someone else’s. Not many of us can say that, nor understand what that truly means. The things they’ve had to see, and the sacrifices they’ve made in their daily lives, can have a profound impact on them. Bucks for the Brave is a platform that allows the loved ones and communities that support these heroes, to share their stories and unite us all in honoring and recognizing their service to our great nation.

There will be one winner from each category (5 branches of military service, retired law enforcement, retired firefighters) who will be chosen by a committee of Active-Duty, Veterans, and First Responders. The contest is open to military Veterans, retired Law Enforcement, and retired Firefighters but they cannot be active in their roles in any way. Winners will receive an all-inclusive, all-expense-paid hunting trip on Veterans Day Weekend (November 11-15), at Thumbtack Ranch in Batesville, TX. SEVEN HEROES WILL WIN!

About Sportman’s Choice Record Rack

Sportsman’s Choice® has a full line of products to help you attract and grow a bigger class of bucks. All Sportsman’s Choice® products are engineered with the right nutrition to fit your specific need. Whether you’re a wildlife watcher looking to see more deer on your land, or an avid sportsman looking to bring in a trophy, we’ve got the right feed to meet your goals. With a specialized formula for everything you could ever need, Record Rack has your back. Their products range from pellet feed to blocks and even milk replacer for fawns. They also have game feed for birds and fish depending on what your interests are. Whatever you feed, Sportman’s Choice is there to help! Below are a few videos of NASCAR Driver, Spencer Boyd, along with a few PRCA Athletes.

Clayton Hass, PRCA Athlete & Spencer Boyd. NASCAR Driver Support Bucks for the Brave

This first interview is a collaboration between Wrangler Network, Steer Wrestler, Clayton Hass, and Spencer Boyd. Spencer does a great job laying the foundation for the Bucks for the Brave event, which Clayton hasn’t yet had the opportunity to attend. Clayton was thrilled to be a part of this interview, letting the audience know that he values everything these winners have sacrificed. To wrap up the interview, Clayton touches on the similarities between NASCAR racing and rodeo. Clayton and his family had the opportunity earlier this year to spend a day at the track with Spencer during a race and he makes the comment that now he’s a “fan for life”. Spencer then touches on his own experience with the crossover between NASCAR and rodeo. He mentions that both events start their events with the National Anthem and a prayer, both involve speed and strategy and both a true American tradition.

Spencer Boyd & Dakota Eldridge Featured on Eric Estepp’s Out of the Groove

In this feature, Spencer is joined with Dakota Eldridge on Eric Estepp’s Out of it Groove YouTube Channel. The interview starts with Eric catching up with Spencer and his recent racing journey. If you want to jump to the interview between Spencer and Dakota, you can jump to video mark 8:55 when Dakota jumps right in to express his experience with Bucks for the Brave. Dakota joined the Bucks for the Brave initiative back in 2019 and he explained how his experience changed after the event. This event is truly something that can only be experienced, so if you’re ready to nominate your hero, do it NOW because time is running out! Check out all the information here.

About Trinity Oaks at Thumbtack Ranch

Trinity Oaks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded on the premise that active participation in the outdoors is a powerful, healing, and fundamentally life-changing experience. Trinity Oaks’ mission is to use hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities to give back and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. For decades, we have known of the philosophical shift that outdoor activities cause within those who participate in them and how that profoundly impacts the wellness of our society. Since 2007, we have impacted tens of thousands of people who otherwise would not be able to afford the experience of the outdoors.

On an annual basis, Trinity Oaks is able to offer more than 100 events for people who can benefit from once-in-a-lifetime hunting or fishing experiences.  Our outdoor programs support Purple Heart and combat veterans, families suffering through the terminal illness of one of their members, special needs children, and underprivileged youth who lack proper mentorship.  Monthly, we also process and distribute over 100,000 pounds of game meat to address food insecurity and hunger in Texas.

Tom Snyder, Founder of Trinity Oaks

I am so excited to share with you just a snippet of the conversation that I had with Tom, not only about Bucks for the Brave but also his Non-Profit Organization Trinity Oaks which plays a huge part in the success of Bucks for the Brave. Take a look!

CLN: Tom, I have read up quite a bit on your Non-profit organization, Trinity Oaks and we did an article on the Gold Star Family you helped back in May. But how did Trinity Oaks get its start?

Tom: I grew up really poor in the deep south of Texas and loved the outdoors and hunting but didn’t have the opportunity to hunt because my family was too poor. I knew from a young age that if I ever had the chance, I wanted to give kids the opportunity to hunt that wouldn’t otherwise. I didn’t originally want to be in the non-profit world but I couldn’t find an opportunity to give back that seemed right. One year I just decided to take a group of underprivileged kids out hunting and it just continued to grow after that. There was a turning point where we had so many kids involved, it just made sense to turn it into a Non-Profit organization, which is now Trinity Oaks. It started with a focus on youth and quickly grew into many other programs. Even as Trinity Oaks grows, I want to stick to where we came from. It’s about the kids and giving people an experience they would never have otherwise.

Tom Syder and Bucks for the Brave Winner Tom Angott

CLN: I have spoken with some previous year’s winners on what their experience was like, but what is your personal experience with the Record Rack’s Bucks for the Brave Hunt? Are there any moments, in particular, that stands out to you? 

Tom: They are all special. It’s the moments when you know you had an impact on someone that has given it all. All we are doing is offering a hunting trip to these folks but a lot of them have given so much more. The emotion and passion that I see from these guys are astounding. It’s life-changing being able to sit around a campfire with the men and women that have given up so much for our Country.

What the Heroes Say

2019 Bucks for the Brave Winner, Brad Trogdon – Navy Veteran

“The word of the week for me was “Overwhelming”. By definition, it is “very great in amount” but the feelings kept coming and coming and the people I encountered became family within minutes of fellowship. In August of 2019, I received a phone call that I was selected to go to Thumbtack Ranch as the Navy veteran winner of the Sportsman’s Choice Feed Record Rack Bucks for the Brave hunt of a lifetime. The generosity of so many people made this event above what I could ever imagine from outfitting all 7 of us with brand new, rip the tags off and wear it out the store Wrangler jeans, button-down shirt, belt, Resistol hat, Ariat boots, and the vast amount of camouflage donated by veteran-owned businesses and big names in the outdoor world. I’ve been deer hunting for a long time and these were absolute monster bucks we got to see. I’ve never seen exotic animals in real life outside the zoo and the first time I saw a Nilgai, my jaw dropped. Being in the stand and chatting with my guide, a volunteer to help spot, and the camera crew I was able to decompress in a way I never have. I made life-long friends and memories I will never forget.” – Brad

2019 Bucks for the Brave Winner, Daniel Phillips – Coast Guard

In closing, all heroes deserve to be honored. From myself, the entire Cowboy Lifestyle Team, and Record Rack, we hope that you will take the time to nominate the hero in your life. But hurry, because nominations close on Sept. 12th! Winners will be announced on October 8th. You can find more information on the Record Rack website: Bucks for the Brave.

Editor’s Note

A special thanks to Record Rack for letting us be a part of this event. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these veterans and first responders. But it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be allowed to witness this event and the transformations that take place. This year we will be honoring not only this year’s winners but also last year’s. I would also like to thank A-E Engine, which creates several magazines, one of which being NASCAR Pole Position and our very own, Cowboy Lifestyle Magazine. We are so very grateful for the connections and network that we have been able to foster not only through this event but through our content and our brands.

CLN Community & Event Sponsor

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