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CLN Reviews: Maverick Trailers

The Cowboy Lifestyle Network puts in their thoughts on the ever popular Maverick Trailers. Check it out!

Maverick Trailers

When it comes to purchasing a horse trailer or livestock trailer, most folks who are western enthusiasts turn to Maverick Trailers. For over 30 years, Maverick has been manufacturing and selling steel and aluminum horse and stock trailers to farms and ranches across the western United States. Whether it’s for a working farm or folks who want to transport their horse to a competition, Maverick has been the company they’ve trusted for many years. With a variety of trailers from which to choose, customers can pick almost any type of trailer they wish. No matter if it’s a trailer for a single horse or one that will hold large numbers of cattle, Maverick can deliver exactly what is needed.

Types of Trailers

Maverick Trailers

No matter what type of trailer is needed, chances are it can be found at Maverick Trailers. Some of the most popular types of trailers include:

  • Maverick BP Stock
  • Maverick Lite
  • Maverick GN Stock HD
  • Maverick Deluxe
  • Maverick HS Steel

Available in 12, 14, or 16 feet lengths, the Maverick BP Stock Trailer is one of the best-selling models from the company. Standard features include a height of 6’7″ and a width of 6’6″, escape doors ranging in size from 28-34 inches, safety chains, breakaway system with battery, and a solid swing rear gate. Empty weights range from 2,335 pounds for the 12′ model to 3,360 pounds for the 16′ trailer.

Trailer Parts

Maverick 16' Stock Trailer

Along with selling virtually any type of horse trailer or livestock trailer, Maverick Trailers also offers customers the opportunity to purchase individual parts for their trailers. Among the most common parts purchased by customers are:

  • Aluminum Tie Ring
  • Mesh Tarp and Hardware Kit
  • Cam Bar Latch
  • LED Trailer Lights
  • Hydraulic Hoist Pump

By offering thousands of parts that can be ordered online, Maverick Trailers customers are virtually guaranteed they will be able to find whatever part they may need. And if for any reason a specific part cannot be found by the customer, they can contact Maverick and speak with an experienced customer service representative who can answer their questions.

Meeting Your Needs

Maverick Trailers

As they have done for the past 30 years, Maverick Trailers continues to be the leading company in the industry when it comes to finding the best horse trailer or livestock hauler. Whether it’s a trailer designed for a single horse or one made to haul multiple heads of cattle, there’s no doubt the best trailers for these needs can be found at Maverick.

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