Feed Rangler: The Best Hand on the Ranch!

Like Trevor Brazile of ERA and Cody Lambert of PBR, they can now go down the rodeo road with no worries knowing that their horses are being fed on time by the Feed Rangler.

La Fortuna, a small town in San Carlos, Costa Rica gives tourists the ultimate cultural experience while offering a touch of home with their night time bull riding and bull fighting events. Spend the day sampling authentic food, paddle boarding, visiting the volcanos, hiking along the side of waterfalls, and then make your way over to Jaco Beach for a festive evening out. For only $699, you can score this all-inclusive vacation for a limited time only at groupon.com!

So what’s stopping you from the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica? The kids are out of the house, the dogs can stay with a family friend, and it seems like the perfect time, but who’s going to feed the horses? Go ahead and buy your ticket, because Feed Rangler has got you covered!

Feed Rangler offers top of the line automated horse and livestock feeders. Not only is the design aesthetically pleasing, but the Feed Rangler helps eliminate herd (and human) anxiety that happens at feeding time. While you’re away in Costa Rica, the Feed Rangler will dispense feed on the clock each day, giving you a peace of mind knowing that your animals are well taken care of! Eliminate the hassle of finding trustworthy hands and paying them to feed each day with the Feed Rangler.

The Feed Rangler is also perfect for everyday use. Get more done around the ranch or shorten your daily workload with a Feed Rangler automatic feeder that’s designed to feed cattle, horses, ponies, donkeys, sheep, and goats! We’re all passionate about the farming and ranching lifestyle, but life is short, and everyone deserves a break at some point! Have it all with your Feed Rangler, “The Best Hand on the Ranch”!

Head to FeedRangler.com to get your next automatic feeder and book your flight today!

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