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Credit: Talos Drones

Agricultural Drones

Farm-i-tude Advances the use of Drones in Agriculture

Technology is now making huge inroads into the way we farm. From John Deer to Kobata, IT lowers costs, uses of fewer pesticides, and decreases harvest expenses. Drones are playing a HUGE part in farmers’ growing in real-time. Mapping plant health and spot spraying areas of concern instead of covering entire crops. However, this new technology has many barriers to entry, and Farm-i-tude is playing a critical part in mentoring pilots in this new technology.

The Farm-i-tude curriculum is in over 800 high schools creating job pathways. Farm-i-tude also operates in at least 23 states with pilots they have mentored and helped launch their own business by creating an understanding in compliance with their state Department of Agriculture and the FAA.

Credit: Farm-i-tude
Credit: Farm-i-tude

Farm-i-tude’s Mission

Due to the frightening loss rate of America’s small farms, including the 1000’s of acres of farmland being retired because of water shortage, Farm-i-tude is committed to supporting all small farms with as many programs as possible. The Farm-i-tude outreach program teaches the next generation of farmers “Smart Farming,” including zero-carbon farming, water conservation, and other precision technology. At the same time, our small farm showcases this Agriculture Tech in the field managing expenses, resources, and manpower.

Credit: Farm-i-tude
Credit: Farm-i-tude

Key Stakeholders

Farm-i-tude doesn’t do it alone. Some of the key stakeholders in the industry also include:

HSE-UAV – Located in Florida

  • America’s Spray Drone Experts, est. 2009
  • Sales and instruction for XAG, DJI & TTA drones
  • Comprehensive PRO-Spray Drone Training Academy

Credit: HSE-UAV

Agri Spray Drones – Located in Missouri 

  • Largest DJI spray drone distributor in the US
  • Focus on research and development to find new use cases for drone applications.
  • The after-sales support team does custom drone applications, so they understand how to solve real problems.

Credit: Agri Spray Drones

Pegasus Robotic – Located in Washington

  • Exclusive XAG distribution on P100 and P100 pro series
  • Wholistic precision agriculture solutions with multi-spectrum scouting drone, Pix4D field, spray, and spreading drone & UGV, spray trailer, and digitiform CORS plan.
  • Company-owned by farmers and supply chain and technology veterans.
Credit: Pegasus Robotic
Credit: Pegasus Robotic

Talos Drones – Located in California  

  • First official DJI Agras distributor in the United States and still the only DJI Agras Sprayer Drones on the west coast.
  • With multiple options, their team closely works with farms to find the right drone solution for every farm scenario.
  • Maintain a large stock of spare parts for fast repairs while providing expert advice and assistance, from training to troubleshooting.
Credit: Talos Drones
Credit: Talos Drones

VT Insurance Agency LLC  – Located in Texas

  • Drone operators and farmers know that commercial farm insurance does not cover drones.
  • VT Insurance is the only group with over ten years in aviation and only protects drone operations working with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
Credit: VT Insurance Agency LLC
Credit: VT Insurance Agency LLC


Every one of these stakeholders is changing the outcome of the way we farm. Their contribution to bringing in new technology and overcoming integration hurdles is creating clean air, increasing yield by growing in real-time, using fewer chemicals, using less water, creating a positive carbon footprint, and creating jobs.

Credit: Farm-i-tude
Credit: Farm-i-tude

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