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Agricultural Drones

Sky-High Profits: Drone Success in American Farming

American farmers continually seek ways to cut costs, improve efficiency, and enhance their profits. The arrival of agricultural drones has transformed the landscape of farming. They have become essential for increasing farm profits and improving a farm’s odds of survival in a competitive market. By reducing farming expenses and bettering crop management, drones help farmers increase their earnings. 

Farmers can see savings of thousands of dollars per acre in three key areas.

Precision Agriculture and Crop Monitoring

Drones with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities can provide detailed insights into crop health, soil conditions, and plant growth stages. This information allows farmers to apply precise amounts of fungicides, fertilizers, and pesticides only where needed, reducing wastage and input costs.

By regularly monitoring crops, drones can help detect issues such as pest infestations, diseases, or nutrient deficiencies early on. Early detection and targeted treatment can prevent widespread crop damage, ensuring better yields and profitability.

Aerial Spraying and Planting

Drones can be used for aerial spraying of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This method is faster than traditional methods and reduces the risk of over-application and environmental contamination.

Drone-based spraying can be more precise and efficient, especially in difficult-to-reach areas or uneven terrain. This precision reduces the amount of chemicals used, saving costs and minimizing environmental impact.

Irrigation Management and Water Conservation

Drones equipped with thermal cameras can identify areas of a field that are either too dry or adequately hydrated. This information allows for more efficient water management, ensuring that irrigation is only applied where necessary.

Better irrigation management conserves water and prevents problems like overwatering, which can lead to soil erosion, nutrient runoff, and reduced crop yields.

Drones help reduce water costs by optimizing water usage and contributing to sustainable farming practices.

Real World Results with Fungicides: $30K Return in a Week

The most common use of drones with a very high rate of return is the application of fungicides. With fungicide applications, there’s very little time between finding a problem and losing yield. A fast response can be a problem for farmers. You can’t get into a field with a sprayer rig when it is wet. Aircraft are difficult to book when in high demand—requiring booking weeks in advance if even possible.

The average cost of a fungicide is $10 to $15 per acre, the cost of application is $12 to $15 per acre for aerial and $5 to $8 per acre for ground. This brings the total cost of spraying the fungicide to between $15 and $30 per acre.

Common aerial application fees are around $12 per acre; on 1,000 acres, that’s a $12,000 investment. A sprayer drone can cover the same acres in two days. In an average week, it’s reasonable to get about 3,000 acres. The cost of operation for a spray drone is $2 per acre, including your time. That’s $30,000 in savings in a week that you can put towards the cost of the drone.

Spray drones are money in a farmer’s pocket, whether they are talking about application costs, product costs, or the increase in yield potential that come from timely application.

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