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Unlock Your Future: Become an Agricultural Drone Dealer!

Agricultural Drones

Unlock Your Future: Become an Agricultural Drone Dealer!

When I started using drones in 2012, they were still in the early stages of development. The idea of using them outside of military applications was only just catching on. Looking back, they were just toys then, but I was excited by their future potential.

Pegasus Robotics Agricultural Drone Dealers Lead the Way!
Pegasus Robotics Agricultural Drone Dealers Lead the Way!

The U.S. agricultural drone market, valued at $0.62 billion in 2023, is poised for explosive growth, aiming to surpass $1.76 billion by 2030 (Grand View Research). This remarkable annual growth rate of 22.8% passes the impressive 20.0% growth rate of the hot cloud computing sector (Fortune Business Insights) and far exceeds the 10.4% growth observed in the organic farming industry (Coherent Market Insights). Compared to the agricultural equipment market, which is expecting a growth rate of 5.5% (Wadhwani), the potential in the drone market is striking.

A Bar Chart displaying how fast the agricultural drone market is growing in comparison to other U.S. and world markets.

I feel this presents a prime opportunity for the hardworking farmer to tap into a rapidly expanding market, blending tech innovation with farming’s foundational principles of stewardship, sustainability, efficiency, and productivity. Starting a drone dealership is not just about hawking new technology—it’s about giving farmers a real strategic business advantage, enhancing farm operational efficiency, and securing a prosperous future for their families.

The Ultimate Spraying Drone, the XAG V40 Agricultural Drone
The Ultimate Spraying Drone, the XAG V40 Agricultural Drone

What’s Fueling the Rapid Growth For Agricultural Drones?

America’s interest in agricultural UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is soaring, mainly because these tools can directly boost farm income. By enabling precision agriculture, drones help efficiently manage crops, apply increasingly expensive pesticides accurately, and use valuable water judiciously. This technological leap allows farmers to improve yield and reduce costs, making drones an increasingly crucial part of modern farming operations. As agriculture moves towards more sustainable and profitable practices, the demand for drones reflects a shift towards embracing innovation for economic gain.

Why Become a Local Agricultural Drone Dealer?

Embracing drone technology modernizes farming practices and opens a new revenue stream for farmers through dealerships. This allows farmers to leverage their agricultural knowledge and networks to sell drones, offering a needed crucial local service that improves crop yields, reduces costs, and increases efficiency on the farm. Local dealers can provide valuable insights, guidance, and indispensable on-the-ground support that remote providers simply cannot match.

Pegasus Robotics Agricultural drones can make a substantial difference in improving farmer lives.
Agricultural drones can make a substantial difference in improving the lives of farmers. I personnally operate a corn and soybean farm in Iowa, and can attest to the positive impact drones can make to your operation.

Breakdowns and crashes are expected for any piece of equipment, especially flying sprayers. Repairs cannot wait weeks or even days when the application window of wet or dry products for improving crop yields is narrow.

The increasing demand for what drones can deliver opens vast opportunities in the agricultural landscape, from small family farms to large agribusinesses seeking efficiency and productivity upgrades. Additionally, dealers can explore diverse revenue streams beyond selling drones, like tailored training programs for operators, maintenance services, and data analysis offerings.

Recently, I helped a new dealer launch his business, supporting his local community. He is a professional agronomy technician who bought his first ten drones just three months ago and has already returned for ten more.

XAG's P100 PRO is the most profitable spraying drone on the market.
XAG’s P100 PRO is the most profitable flying sprayer on the market.

Our exclusive distributorship of the XAG P100 Pro gives him an advantage in the marketplace that farmers love, products that get results. Its large payload capacity and fast speed generate more daily revenue. Our water-cooled battery charging stations enable faster charging while extending battery life for even greater ROI.

How to Get Started as a Spray Drone Dealer?

If you decide to become an agricultural drone dealer, you will need an established distributor to back you and your community. One that will provide you with the best product, support, training, and continued education needed to guarantee success.

"Be the catalyst for change in your community with Pegasus Robotics Agricultural UAVs.", Nathan Stein
“Be the catalyst for change in your community with Pegasus Robotics Agricultural UAVs.” – Nathan Stein

Investing in your success is why I joined Pegasus Robotics. Founded for farmers by farmers, they are the agricultural drone distributor who launched the groundbreaking XAG P100 drone in the U.S. That historical move was a turning point in UAV capabilities, offering advanced features and capabilities that made modern farming operations more profitable and started the industry boom.

Pegasus Robotics' Lead Precision Agriculture Coach and Co-Founder, Davin York, leverages his extensive spray drone expertise to enlighten interested farmers at the National Farm Machinery Show in Kentucky.
Pegasus Robotics’ Lead Precision Agriculture Coach and Co-Founder, Davin York, leverages his extensive spray drone expertise to enlighten interested farmers at the National Farm Machinery Show in Kentucky.

As a local dealer for Pegasus Robotics, you are trained and supported by veteran industry experts who wrote the book on agricultural drones. Pegasus is constantly helping drone manufacturers improve and perfect their products, giving you a depth of knowledge that no other company in the industry can match. Additionally, they have the resources to help you and your clients with the complexities of FAA and state regulations.

Take the First Step Towards Tomorrow

The process to become a Pegasus flying sprayer dealer is simple. First, visit our website and apply using our online dealer application form, which you can find here.

Our Award-winning dealer Tenacity Ag is ready to answer questions and walk you through the impressive XAG Agircultural Drone Lineup. 
Our Award-winning dealer Tenacity Ag is ready to answer questions and walk you through the impressive XAG Agircultural Drone Lineup. 

One of our business advisors will contact you to discuss the oopportunities available when you join our drone dealer program in your area.

The journey to becoming an agricultural drone dealer is rich with potential and growth. Being an Iowa corn and soybean farmer, I have experienced and seen how drone technology revolutionizes farming practices and changes lives for the better. From enhancing crop yields to opening doors, becoming a dealer is more than a business venture—it fosters our communities’ strengths and advances America’s farming legacy for future generations.

Nathan Stein with the Founder and CEO of Pegasus Robotics, Arthur L Chen.
Nathan Stein with the Co-Founder of XAG, Justin Gong, during his visit to their HQ in China. To Nahan’s left is his XAG Business Account Manager Charlie Cheng.

Farm Drone Dealership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why are drones important in agriculture?

A complete Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) offers numerous benefits for farmers, including:

  • Increased yield: Precision application of fertilizers, pesticides, and water leads to healthier crops and improved yields.
  • Reduced costs: Targeted application minimizes waste, lowers input costs, and optimizes resource usage.
  • Improved efficiency: Drones perform tasks faster and more efficiently than traditional methods, saving time and labor.
  • Enhanced data collection: Drones gather valuable aerial data for informed decision-making about crop health, soil conditions, and field management.
  • Reduced environmental impact: Precision applications minimize expensive herbicide and pesticide use, benefiting the environment.

UAS refers to the entire operating system of needed to fly a drone for a task. The UAS includes the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), the Ground Control Station (GCS), and the Payload.

2. What are the key qualities of a successful agricultural drone dealer?

Successful drone dealers possess:

  • Deep understanding of agriculture: Knowing farmers’ challenges and opportunities allows you to offer relevant solutions.
  • Passion for technology: Staying informed about drone advancements and their applicability to farming is crucial.
  • Strong customer service skills: Building trust and providing excellent support is essential for building lasting relationships.
  • Desire to help others: finding joy in assisting your neighbors to achieve their dreams..
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Recognizing and seizing opportunities requires initiative and business acumen.
  • Effective communication skills: Explaining the value of drones and training farmers confidently is key.

3. Do I need any prior experience to become a drone dealer?

While drone or farm experience is nice, it’s optional. Many successful dealers I have encountered come from varied backgrounds. The key is:

  • Excitement for agriculture and technology.
  • A willingness to learn and adapt.
  • Strong business acumen and customer service skills.

As a Pegasus Robotics Dealer, you will be backed by our comprehensive training and support, providing you with valuable in-field knowledge and expertise your customers need.

Nathan Stein from Pegasus Robotics shows how to set up the flying sprayer XAG P100 Pro.

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Nathan Stein is an experienced Iowa sowbean and corn farmer. He is also a visionary co-owner of Pegasus Robotics and a recognized pioneer in the drone industry. For more than a decade, Nathan has foreseen their transformative impact on U.S. agriculture. His early experiments with these then-nascent technologies have since propelled him to the forefront of the agricultural drone market—a sector poised for exponential growth. Pegasus Robotics has become synonymous with innovation, offering state-of-the-art solutions that blend technology with traditional farming values. Nathan's commitment extends beyond just selling drones; he is dedicated to enhancing farmers' operational efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. A staunch advocate for American agriculture, Nathan's work embodies the spirit of hard work, innovation, and community support.

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