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Goat Tying: Youth Sport Dominated by Women

Goat tying is one rodeo event that doesn’t get much air time. Learn more about the event here on why it is a great rodeo event!

Who said only men can dismount off of a horse in motion and tie an animal goat-tying-the-womens-territory-fi-2down? Well, whoever said it obviously hadn’t seen the girls contending in the goat tying event. The event was shaped in response to the men’s tie down calf roping, which requires the men to rope, dismount, flank, and tie down a calf. Though women and youth are able to compete in the tie down calf roping during some rodeo performances, the goat tying was designed to better showcase their skills. Goat tying is a timed goat-tying-the-womens-territory-fi-3event. The fastest person to get off of their horse and tie their goat without penalties is the winner.

The National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association has been one of the main platforms in showcasing the cowgirl’s goat tying event. In 1960 the NIRA made the decision to add the goat tying event to their finals held in Clayton, New Mexico, 11 years after the first College National Finals rodeo was held. Goat tying has now become one of the top goat-tying-the-womens-territory-fi-4competitive events being competed in at the college rodeo level.

Eleven regions bring their top three cowgirls in the standings to compete in the goat tying for a chance to win the College National Rodeo Finals in Casper, Wyoming. At the 2016 College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) a 6.9 or faster was needed to win the championship title. A competitor by the name of Shelby Winchell had a time of 6.3 in the short go to be crowned the 2016 CNFR Goat Tying Champion.

The women who are competing at the collegiate level must spend long hours practicing their tying and get offs. They must also work on their speed and goat-tying-the-womens-territory-fi-7endurance to make that quick and smooth dismount to their goat. The sport is only centered off of the effort of the rider and their horse. The competitors horse is 50% of the run but the rest is based solely up to the competitor.

Goat tying consists of a goat, a girl, and her horse. With the youth rodeo associations involvement in the sport and the multiple clinics being held in each state, the competition and participation level is only anticipated to grow from here in the event.

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I am a 23-year-old from the small town of Hitchita, Oklahoma. I was raised in the well known Duvall steer wrestling family, so I am no stranger when it comes to the sport of rodeo and western lifestyle. I have two brothers, and the three of us have all competed in the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association. I am an Oklahoma State alumni where I majored in Agricultural Communications and Agribusiness. I am now a third grade teacher. When I am not writing stories or in a classroom, I enjoy camping with my family, feeding cows, traveling, going to rodeos, meeting new people, and eating dutch oven dinner.

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