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Women’s Breakaway Roping: The Ins and Outs

Ever wondered what breakaway roping is all about? Zadie depicts the perfect picture right here. Learn more by reading this article!

Don’t blink or you may just miss the run, talking about the cowgirl’s breakaway event. Breakaway roping is the event comparable to the men’s womens-breakaway-roping-7tie-down roping on the cowboy side except the cowgirls are not required to dismount and tie the calf. In breakaway roping, the cowgirl has a flag tied close to the end of her rope and a nylon string tied from the rope to the saddle horn. When the rope grows tight after the calf is roped, the string breaks away from the saddle horn and the flag goes flying, signaling the timer to stop the clock. The time in the breakaway roping can sometimes get as fast as 2.0 second run. The women must concentrate on the perfect get out and roping the calf clean around the neck.

It is not a new event to rodeo, but it is a new event to numerous rodeo circuits across the country. The breakaway roping is mainly held at youth rodeo events and Women’s Professional Rodeos, but as the sport of rodeo womens-breakaway-roping-3grows so does the number of people who want to be involved. It hasn’t always been welcomed into every association with open arms, but in the year of 2012, women’s breakaway roping was introduced into the International Professional Rodeo Association (IPRA). After 42 years of having the finals they decided to add another event for the women to compete in. In the year of 2015 the women’s breakaway roping was also introduced to the well-womens-breakaway-ropingknown Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo.

Rodeo is a family oriented sport. Adding the women’s breakaway to various rodeo circuits allows for the wife, mother, sister, or even just friend to join in on the action. Adding an additional women’s event also means cowgirls can now contend for the all-around title like the cowboys. Lots of evidence indicates that breakaway roping has a solid and growing base of involvement.

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