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PRCA Athlete of the Month: Kaycee Feild

We are excited to introduce you to our Athlete Highlight of the Month, four-time World Champion Bareback Rider Kaycee Feild. We are lucky enough to not only know him but also call him a good friend. ย This man’s resume speaks for itself, not only has he been a world champ four times, he has qualified to be a world champion ten times. In 2019 he finished 9th at the NFR but 6th in the world, taking home a whopping, $56,115 for one week of riding. This put his total earnings for the year at ย $232,320.

His latest, largest achievement was winning the 2020 RFD-TV’s American in Arlington, Texas. That was a huge win considering the entire rodeo industry took a massive hit not too long after that event. At 33, Kaycee is still riding them with the best of them, and with the kind of style that makes him stand out when you are watching him in the arena. Take a look at his last ride in Oklahoma!

Fishing, hunting, and snowmobiles top Feild’s list of hobbies. “My brother really enjoys fishing. I go ice fishing with him when I’m home,” commented Feild. “We go out and drill a hole and sit on a couple of buckets.ย ย  We keep ice fishing pretty simple.” ย If Kaycee wasn’t a professional rodeo cowboy he told Cowboy Lifestyle Network he’d be racing snowmobiles. This last year, he also started taking an interest in Skijorring, an event where a skier is pulled behind a galloping horse.

They say when you meet a good person, you just know it and Kaycee is one of those guys. Not only has he made himself a legend in the bareback riding but people also know because who he is as a person. If you get the chance, make sure to follow him on social media, either Facebook or Instagram for all the updates on his events and everything that makes Kaycee, Kaycee.

We are happy to share with you this edition of Athlete of the Month, please share your comments below and let us know who you’d like to see featured next!

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Peter the "Cowboy" is a gunslinger style writer from Bismark, North Dakota. Controversy is his middle name. He loves the cowboy lifestyle and being an American.

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